Aspose.3D  for Java

Java 3D File Processing API

Create, Manipulate & Save 3D files to multiple formats without requiring any external modeling & rendering software.

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Aspose.3D for Java is a standalone Gameware and CAD API to manipulate 3D files. API supports most of the popular 3D file formats and applications can create, read, convert & modify files easily. Moreover, API assists developers in modeling and creation of massive game worlds, superb scenes for design visualization, engage virtual reality experiences, add Animation property to scene file, format elements using transformations and much more.

Advanced Java 3D API Features

Create 3D scene & save in uniform object model

Load, save & convert files

Work with geometry & scene hierarchy

Share mesh geometry data between multiple nodes

Property animation and skeleton animation

Triangulate a Mesh with Custom Memory Layout of the Vertex

Mesh boolean operation

Animate Objects in a Scene

Split Meshes by Material

Render a 3D View in the Image Format

Vulkan-backed WinForms renderer

Blind watermark for 3D meshes

Procedural modeling

Text to 3D Mesh support

Create geometry by extruding shapes

Generate UV/Normal/Tangent for meshes

Various input and output formats support

Enhanced security for interacting with file dependencies

Draco compression and decompression support

3D File Format Conversion

Aspose.3d for Java provides an array of advanced algorithms that makes it an all-in-one solution for 3D file format conversion. The conversion process is as simple as changing the file extension to the desired format. All you need to do is to load the source file in an instance of Scene, and call its Save method with an appropriate FileFormat parameter. That's it!

Save 3D scene in different formats - Java

// load the file to be converted

Scene scnObj = Scene.fromFile("srctemplate.fbx");

// save in different formats"output.usd");"output.fbx");

3D Scenes Creation

Aspose.3D for Java empowers programmers to easily generate scenes from scratch without needing to install any 3D modeling or rendering software. The 3D Java API also enables to save the scenes in formats (OpenUSD, glTF, FBX, STL, WavefrontOBJ, Discreet3DS, Universal3D and Collada) by calling the Save method of the Scene class object.

Read Write Asset Information of 3D Scene

Metadata is structured information that describes, locates and makes it easier to retrieve, use and manage an information resource. Aspose.3D for Java API allows developers to define Metadata for the scene.

Encode/Decode Blind watermark

Aspose.3D offers blind watermarking to protect your 3D models. Embed invisible watermarks into the geometry and texture data, making them resilient to modifications. Authorized users can decode the watermark using a secret key to prove ownership and safeguard your 3D intellectual property.

Procedural Modeling

Aspose.3D simplifies procedural modeling, allowing you to generate complex 3D scenes and objects using algorithms. Create realistic trees, landscapes, buildings, and more with just a few lines of code. Quickly build detailed, scalable 3D content that can be easily modified by adjusting parameters.

Boolean Operations on 3D Meshes

Aspose.3D enables you to perform Boolean operations on 3D meshes, including union, intersection, and difference. Combine multiple meshes into a single object, create complex shapes by intersecting meshes, or subtract one mesh from another. Boolean operations simplify the creation of intricate 3D models and allow you to manipulate meshes programmatically. With Aspose.3D, you can easily apply these operations to your 3D meshes, saving time and effort in constructing sophisticated 3D scenes and objects.

Create 3D Mesh From Text and Font File

Aspose.3D empowers users to effortlessly generate 3D meshes from font files and text inputs. Seamlessly convert text into detailed, customizable 3D models, enriching creative projects and enhancing visualization capabilities. Unlocking a world of possibilities, Aspose.3D's intuitive tools facilitate the swift transformation of textual elements into dynamic, visually captivating assets for diverse applications, from design prototyping to gaming and beyond.

Robustness, Performance & Scalability

Aspose.3D for Java is designed to perform equally well on the server or client-side. It is a single Java assembly that can be deployed with any Java application by simply adding its reference. You don't have to worry about other services or modules while working with API.


Aspose.3D offers individual 3D processing APIs for other popular development environments as listed below: