3D Formats Watermark Verification Via C#

Add blind Watermark Verification to 3D document formats without any 3D modeling and rendering software to build cross-platform .NET applications.


Developers can use the 3D library to verify blind watermarks for 3D files. The few formats supported by the API are WavefrontOBJ, Discreet3DS, STL (ASCII, Binary), FBX (ASCII, Binary), Universal3D, Collada, GLB, glTF, PLY, DirectX, Google Draco formats, etc. The process of validating a blind watermark is simple. Load the source file through the instance of Scene Class , and then implement the watermark verification through the DecodeWatermark method of the 3D library.

Add blind Watermark Verification to 3D Scene to various formats

Developers can easily go through the same process listed above to verify blind watermarks in 3d files. Consider a few examples, such as 3DS File watermark verification. Load 3DS files via scene class objects. Create save options using FbxSaveOptions to create save options and call the scene save method with the output file path and fbx options as parameters. API has appropriate options classes for saving into relevant classes like A3dwSaveOptions AmfSaveOptions Discreet3dsSaveOptions Html5SaveOptions RvmSaveOptions and more. Here is the full list of 3D Watermark Validation Formats options.

C# Code for 3DS file Watermark Verification