通過 C# 將 USDZ 轉換為 OBJ

使用 .NET Framework、.NET Core 和 Mono 導出 USDZ 和其他 3D 文件

使用 C# 將 USDZ 場景導出為 OBJ

  1. 使用構造函數加載 USDZ 文件 場景 班級2. 打電話 場景.保存 方法
  2. 傳遞帶有 .obj 擴展名的輸出文件名作為第一個參數
  3. 指定 WavefrontOBJ 字段值 文件格式 班級

3D 格式轉換API for .NET

從命令行安裝為 nuget install Aspose.3d 或通過 Visual Studio 的包管理器控制台使用 Install-Package Aspose.3D 安裝。

或者,從 ZIP 文件中獲取脫機 MSI 安裝程序或 DLL 下載 .

C# USDZ 到 OBJ 轉換的代碼

// 在 Scene 對像中加載 USDZ 
var scene = new Aspose.ThreeD.Scene("template.usdz");
// 將 USDZ 保存為 OBJ 
scene.Save("output.obj", Aspose.ThreeD.FileFormat.WavefrontOBJ);

Other Conversion Options

USDZ TO DXF (Autodesk Drawing Exchange Format)
USDZ TO DRC (Google Draco File Format)
USDZ TO FBX (Autodesk FBX Interchange File)
USDZ TO AMF (Additive Manufacturing File)
USDZ TO OBJ (Wavefront 3D Object File)
USDZ TO 3MF (3D Manufacturing File)
USDZ TO GLTF (GL Transmission Format File)

USDZ What is USDZ File Format?

A file with .usdz is an uncompressed and unencrypetd ZIP archive for the USD (Universal Scene Description) file format that contains and proxies for files of other formats (such as textures, and animations) embedded within the archive and runs them directly with the USD run-time without any need of unpacking. USDZ files are packages whose design is based on the new Ar-level abstraction of a package. Usdz was registered with IANA and has media type name of model and a subtype name of vnd.usd+zip and its details can be found as on IANA registration page.

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OBJ What is OBJ File Format?

OBJ files are used by Wavefront’s Advanced Visualizer application to define and store the geometric objects. Backward and forward transmission of geometric data is made possible through OBJ files. Both polygonal geometry like points, lines, texture vertices, faces and free-form geometry (curves and surfaces) are supported by OBJ format. This format does not support animation or information related to light and position of scenes. An OBJ file is usually an end product of the 3D modeling process generated by a CAD (Computer Aided Design). The default order to store vertices is counter-clockwise avoiding explicit declaration of face normals. Though OBJ files declare scale information in a comment line yet no units have been declared for OBJ coordinates.

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