通过 C# 将 USD 转换为 3DS

使用 .NET Framework、.NET Core 和 Mono 导出 USD 和其他 3D 文件

使用 C# 将 USD 场景导出为 3DS

  1. 使用构造函数加载 USD 文件 场景 班级2. 打电话 场景.保存 方法
  2. 将带有 .3ds 扩展名的输出文件名作为第一个参数传递
  3. 指定 Discreet3DS 字段值 文件格式 班级

3D 格式转换API for .NET

从命令行安装为 nuget install Aspose.3d 或通过 Visual Studio 的包管理器控制台使用 Install-Package Aspose.3D 安装。

或者,从 ZIP 文件中获取脱机 MSI 安装程序或 DLL 下载 .

C# USD 到 3DS 转换的代码

// 在 Scene 对象中加载 USD 
var scene = new Aspose.ThreeD.Scene("template.usd");
// 将 USD 保存为 3DS 
scene.Save("output.3ds", Aspose.ThreeD.FileFormat.Discreet3DS);

Other Conversion Options

USD TO OBJ (Wavefront 3D Object File)
USD TO STL (Stereolithography File)
USD TO HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language)
USD TO FBX (Autodesk FBX Interchange File)
USD TO JT (JT Open CAD File)
USD TO DAE (Digital Asset Exchange File)
USD TO DXF (Autodesk Drawing Exchange Format)

USD What is USD File Format?

A file with .usd extension is a Universal Scene Description file format that encodes data for the purpose of data interchanging and augmenting between digital content creation applications. Developed by Pixar, USD provides the ability to interchange elemental assets (such as models) or animation.

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3DS What is 3DS File Format?

A file with .3ds extension represents 3D Sudio (DOS) mesh file format used by Autodesk 3D Studio. Autodesk 3D Studio has been in 3D file format market since 1990s and has now evolved to 3D Studio MAX for working with 3D modeling, animation and rendering. A 3DS file contains data for 3D representation of scenes and images and is one of the popular file formats for 3D data import and export. It considers information like camera locations, Mesh data, lighting information, viewport configurations, smoothing group data, bitmap references and attributes to create vertices and polygons for rendering a scene.

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