Aspose.BarCode  for Android via Java

Read ISMN Barcodes with Android via Java

Read ISMN barcode in Java using server-side Aspose.BarCode for Android via Java API

How to Read ISMN barcode Using Android via Java

Try Aspose.BarCode for Android via Java to detect and read ISMN barcode within Android applications easily. It is a rich, scalable, and user-friendly barcode API intended for Android applications. Get Aspose.BarCode for Java directly from a Maven-based project by adding the following configurations to the build.gradle:


  maven { url "" }


  implementation group: 'com.aspose', name: 'aspose-barcode', version: '23.XX', ext: 'aar'      
  implementation group: 'com.aspose', name: 'aspose-barcode', classifier: '', version: '23.XX' 

Steps for Scanning ISMN barcode in Java

Aspose.BarCode allows developers to read ISMN barcode barcodes from stream or image with few lines of code

  • Create an instance of BarCodeReader class
  • Determine the source image path containing ISMN barcode
  • Define target barcodes types in DecodeType as the second parameter
  • Loop through the recognition results
  • Load the decoded text running the getCodeText method

System Requirements

Aspose APIs are supported on all major platforms and operating systems. Before executing the code sample below, please make sure that your system comply with the following requirements.

  • Microsoft Windows, Linux, or any OS compatible with Android Runtime Environment
  • Android SDK v.30
  • Android systems running Android OS 2.0 or later
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Code to be executed - Java

// initialize reader with image & expected type
BarCodeReader reader = new BarCodeReader(var reader = new Aspose.BarCode.BarCodeReader("<file name>", DecodeType.ISMN);

// read code
while ( {
    // print the code type & text
    System.out.println("Type: " + reader.getCodeType() + " Text: " + reader.getCodeText());

Recognition result

Other Supported Barcode Recognition Symbologies

Using Android via Java, One can also read barcode of different symbologies including the following.