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Codablock-F barcode in JasperReports

Generate and Scan Codablock-F and GS1 Codablock-F barcodes in Java using server-side Aspose.BarCode for JasperReports API

About Codablock-F Symbology

Codablock-F is a stacked 1D barcode type primarily used in the healthcare industry. It was introduced by Heinrich Oehlmann at Identcode Systeme GmbH in Germany in 1989. Codablock F offers high-density data encoding and efficient use of space, allowing for up to 2,725 characters to be encoded in a barcode. It combines stacked versions of Code 39 and Code 128 symbologies, providing advantages of 2D barcodes while remaining within the realm of 1D barcodes. It is widely utilized for applications, such as patient identification, specimen tracking, medication management, and inventory control in healthcare environments.

Codablock-F Features

  • Stacked Structure: Codablock-F utilizes a stacked structure, allowing multiple rows of data to be stacked on top of each other within a single barcode. This enables efficient use of space and increases data capacity compared to traditional linear barcodes.
  • High Data Capacity: Codablock provides a high data capacity, allowing for the encoding of up to 2,725 characters in a single barcode. This makes it suitable for applications that require the storage of extensive information, such as in healthcare, logistics, and inventory management.
  • Error Detection and Check Digits: Codablock-F incorporates error detection mechanisms and check digits to enhance data accuracy and reliability. It includes two mandatory check digits based on the modulo 86 algorithm for the entire message encoded in the barcode. Additionally, each row has a mandatory row check character based on the modulo 103 algorithm. These check digits and row check characters help ensure the integrity of the encoded data and provide an additional layer of error detection during barcode scanning and decoding.


  • Healthcare and Medical Applications: Codablock-F is intended for use in the healthcare industry, including hospitals, blood banks, and dental care. It is utilized for patient identification, specimen tracking, and medication management. This symbology enables accurate tracking of patient information, ensures proper identification of specimens, and facilitates efficient medication administration and inventory control in healthcare facilities.
  • Blood Banks and Laboratories: Codablock-F is specifically designed to facilitate the processes in blood banks and laboratories for tracking and managing blood products, specimens, and laboratory samples. The high data capacity and error detection capabilities of Codablock F enable accurate specimen identification, sample traceability, and efficient inventory management within critical healthcare processes.
  • Dental Care: Codablock-F is also used in dental care for patient record management and inventory control of dental materials and prosthetics. It allows for efficient tracking of patient information, treatment plans, and dental inventory, enhancing workflow efficiency and ensuring accurate documentation.

Codablock-F is a stacked 1D barcode type specifically designed to conform with healthcare requirements and to be used in such spheres, as hospitals, blood banks, and dental care. It offers a stacked structure that allows for encoding extensive data in a single barcode. Codablock F is utilized for precise patient identification, reliable specimen tracking, efficient medication management, and dental record management. Its space-efficient design and error detection capabilities make it a dependable solution for accurate data encoding and tracking in the healthcare industry.