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ISSN barcode in JasperReports

Generate and Scan ISSN barcode in Java using server-side Aspose.BarCode for JasperReports API

About ISSN Symbology

ISSN (International Standard Serial Number) is a barcode standard specifically designed to identify and track serial publications, such as magazines, journals, and newspapers. The ISSN system was developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) to provide a unique identifier for each serial publication, enabling efficient cataloging, distribution, and retrieval of print and digital periodicals. ISSN is widely used by publishers, libraries, and retailers involved in the distribution and management of serial publications.

ISSN Features

  • Unique Serial Publication Identifier: The primary feature of ISSN is the assignment of the unique ISSN to each serial publication. ISSN is a standard eight-digit code represented by a combination of bars and spaces. It allows for quick and accurate identification of specific publications within databases and library systems.
  • Improved Cataloging and Inventory Control: ISSN serves to optimize cataloging and inventory control processes for serial publications. By incorporating ISSN barcodes, libraries and publishers can efficiently manage their collections, track circulation, and simplify resource discovery for users.
  • Compatibility with Barcode Scanning Systems: ISSN barcodes can be easily read by barcode scanners, ensuring fast and accurate data decoding. It enables efficient check-in and check-out processes in libraries, as well as accurate tracking of sales and distribution in retail environments.


  • Libraries and Documentation Centers: ISSN is used in libraries and documentation centers for cataloging and managing serial publications. By scanning ISSN barcodes, librarians can quickly retrieve publication information, track circulation, and ensure accurate shelving and inventory control.
  • Publishing Industry: Publishers utilize ISSN to optimize distribution processes and facilitate tracking of their serial publications. By placing ISSN barcodes onto publication covers or labels, publishers can improve inventory management, track sales, and facilitate subscription management.
  • Retail and Newsstands: ISSN is often used by retailers and newsstands for efficient point-of-sale operations and inventory management of serial publications. Scanning ISSN barcodes during transactions enables accurate pricing, inventory control, and tracking of sales.
  • Online Databases and Digital Libraries: ISSN is utilized in online databases and digital libraries to provide standardized identification for electronic serial publications. Digital resources can be assigned with ISSN codes and corresponding barcodes, enabling integration with library systems and enhanced access to digital content.

The unique identification system, improved cataloging capabilities, and compatibility with barcode scanning technologies make ISSN an essential tool for the efficient management and distribution of serial publications. ISSN supports accurate tracking, inventory control, and enhanced accessibility of serial publications worldwide.