Java Barcode Reader API

Read barcode images of different 1D and 2D symbologies via Java library.


How to recognize barcodes in Java, Java BarCode API can do it easily. Programmers can read barcodes at any angle. API provides BarCodeReader class , having the image containing code and DecodeType as parameter. Get all codes via its readBarCodes . Iterate through each code and get its type and text.

Recognize Code 128 Barcode

Java BarCode Scanner API is capable of reading multiple symbologies from a single image. Process of reading or decoding Code-128 barcode images is, Use BarCodeReader class, having image containing Code128 code and DecodeType .CODE_128 as parameters. Iterate through each code to get it.

Java Code to Decode Code 128 Barcode
Java Code to Read Multiple Symbologies including Code 128

QR Code Reader

For any Java based QR code reader and scanner application, programmers can easily integrate the below code or modify it as of their requirement. Process of reading QR code is almost same i.e create BarCodeReader class object with relevant image and type, Iterate through each code and get the text. Developers can also read other symbologies as listed.

Java Code for QR Code Reader