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Deutsche Post

Deutsche Post barcode in Node.js via Java

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About Deutsche Post Symbology

The Deutsche Post symbology is a specific barcode type used by Deutsche Post, the German postal service, for efficient mail processing and tracking. This barcode specification was developed to encode relevant data, such as recipient addresses, postal codes, and tracking numbers, thus enabling automated sorting, delivery, and traceability of mail items.

Deutsche Post Features

  • Address and Tracking Information: Deutsche Post barcodes encode critical address details, including recipient names, street addresses, and postal codes. Additionally, they can store tracking numbers assigned to mail items, facilitating end-to-end tracking and visibility during the delivery process.
  • Mail Sorting and Processing: The Deutsche Post symbology serves to automate mail sorting and processing operations. Postal sorting machines equipped with barcode scanners can quickly read and interpret the encoded information, enabling efficient sorting based on delivery routes and destination addresses.
  • Error Detection: Deutsche Post barcodes may include checksum digits, which enable error detection during scanning and ensure accurate decoding. This allows minimizing errors in the mail sorting process, reducing the chances of mail misrouting or misdelivery.


  • Mail Sorting and Delivery: Deutsche Post barcodes are mainly used within the corresponding postal system to implement efficient mail sorting and delivery. Such barcodes serve to automate the sorting of mail items based on their destination addresses, thus reducing the need for manual operations.
  • Tracking and Traceability: Deutsche Post barcodes enable tracking and tracing mail items throughout the delivery process. Barcodes are scanned by postal workers at different checkpoints, such as sorting facilities or delivery hubs, so that the progress of shipment can be tracked to ensure timely and accurate results.
  • Postal Services and E-commerce: The Deutsche Post barcode specification is essential for postal services and e-commerce businesses that rely on Deutsche Post for mail and package delivery. Such barcodes facilitate the logistics and tracking processes, enabling efficient and accurate delivery of postal items and packages.
  • Customer Service and Support: Deutsche Post barcodes are important to provide customer services and support. The encoded tracking information allows customers to control the status of processing their mail items, request delivery updates, or report any issues or concerns regarding the delivery service.

The Deutsche Post symbology was designed to meet the specific requirements of the German postal system, ensuring efficient mail processing, sorting, and delivery. By encoding address details, tracking information, and incorporating error detection mechanisms, these barcodes contribute to accurate and timely mail delivery services. Deutsche Post barcodes enable efficient mail management in different applications, including postal delivery, e-commerce operations, and customer services, and provide end-to-end visibility for both senders and recipients.

Using Aspose.BarCode for Node.js via Java you can easily generate and recognize Deutsche Post barcodes in your JavaScript application