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UPC (Universal Product Code) barcode in PHP via Java

Generate and Scan UPC (Universal Product Code) barcode in PHP using server-side Aspose.BarCode for PHP via Java API

About UPC Symbology

UPC (Universal Product Code) is a machine-readable code consisting of a series of black and white bars used to identify specific products. UPC barcodes are usually placed onto the packaging of retail products and serve to identify the product and facilitate the checkout process in stores. Each UPC barcode contains a series of 12 numerical digits. The first six digits represent the manufacturer or brand of the product, while the last six ones identify the specific product within that product line.
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UPC Features

  • Numerical Character Set: UPC represents product information numerically by storing the manufacturer's identification number and the product's unique item number.
  • Fixed-length Structure: UPC barcodes have a fixed length of either 12 or 13 digits, ensuring consistent data formatting and ease of scanning.
  • Check Digit Verification: UPC barcodes contain a check digit, which allows for easy error detection during scanning and data entry.


  • Retail: UPC is widely used in the retail industry for point-of-sale transactions. It enables efficient and accurate product scanning, speeding up the checkout process, and reducing pricing errors.
  • Inventory management: UPC is often used in inventory management systems. By scanning barcodes during stock intake and sales, businesses can track product quantities, monitor stock levels, and optimize replenishment processes.
  • Supply Chain: UPC facilitates product tracking and tracing within the supply chain. UPC enables accurate identification and efficient movement of products on various stages, from manufacturing to distribution and retail.

The simplicity, standardized format, and wide adoption of UPC have made it an important tool in the retail industry to ensure accurate and reliable product identification. Owing to the ability to optimize point-of-sale transactions, enable efficient inventory management, and support supply chain operations, UPC allows improving operational efficiency and enchancing customer experiences in the retail sector.

Using Aspose.BarCode for PHP via Java you can easily generate and recognize UPC barcodes in your PHP application