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About Postnet Symbology

Postnet, or Postal Numeric Encoding Technique, is a linear barcode type developed by the United States Postal Service (USPS) to facilitate mail sorting and delivery. Introduced in 1982, Postnet can encode ZIP codes, allowing postal workers to automate mail processing operation. Postnet barcodes are composed of a series of tall and short bars, representing the digits of a ZIP code. They are widely used by businesses and individuals for accurate and timely mail processing.

Postnet Features

  • ZIP Code Encoding: The primary feature of Postnet is the ability to encode ZIP codes. Each digit of a ZIP code is represented by a series of tall (full bars) and short (half bars) elements. Such design allows postal workers to quickly and accurately sort mail based on its destination, expediting the delivery process.
  • Address Accuracy: Postnet serves to increase address accuracy by reducing manual data entry errors. When used jointly with address recognition systems, Postnet enables automated reading and verification of ZIP codes, minimizing errors and improving mail processing efficiency.
  • Scalability: Postnet barcodes can be scaled up or down in size while maintaining their readability. It makes them adaptable to various mailing formats, from envelopes and letters to postcards and packages, being aligned to different printing and design requirements.


  • Mailing and Postal Services: Postnet is often used in mailing and postal services to facilitate efficient mail sorting, routing, and delivery. By encoding ZIP codes, Postnet enables automatic sorting machines to quickly identify the destination of each mail item, ensuring timely and accurate delivery.
  • Business Correspondence: Postnet is commonly employed by businesses for their outgoing mail, such as invoices, statements, and promotional materials. By placing Postnet barcodes onto envelopes or labels, businesses can improve mail processing efficiency and reduce errors.
  • Bulk Mailings: Postnet is particularly valuable for bulk mailings, such as direct mail campaigns or mass mailings. By using Postnet barcodes to mark large quantities of mail items, businesses and organizations can achieve reduced postage costs and faster delivery times.
  • Address Verification: Postnet is utilized in address verification systems to ensure accurate address information. When combined with optical character recognition (OCR) technologies, Postnet facilitates automated reading and validation of ZIP codes, reducing errors and improving mail delivery accuracy.

The possibility to store ZIP codes, address accuracy verification, and scalability make Postnet a practical and widely adopted solution for efficient mail processing. Whether used by postal services, businesses, or individuals, Postnet can improve the accuracy and speed of mail sorting, reduce manual errors, and contribute to timely delivery.