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Barcode SharePoint App to add Linear, 2D & Postal barcodes to Microsoft SharePoint lists.

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Aspose.BarCode for SharePoint allows developers to add a large variety of linear, 2D, and postal barcodes to Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2010 (MOSS) lists. You may create and then insert barcodes to any list by specifying input text and type.

Add Barcodes to Sharepoint Lists

Aspose.BarCode for SharePoint provides rich functionality to add barcodes to SharePoint lists. Such lists can be used to store and organize data in a structured format. It is a convenient way to manage a wide range of information, such as contacts, tasks, calendar events, and more. They provide multiple features for organizing, sorting, filtering, and sharing data. It may be useful to add barcodes to SharePoint lists to facilitate accessing and managing the information in the list. If a SharePoint list is created to track inventory items, developers can add barcodes to quickly and accurately scan and update the information in the list. This could facilitate tracking and managing inventory, as well as reduce the risk of discrepancies. Barcodes can serve to quickly access and view information in a SharePoint list, for example, by scanning barcodes to quickly display specific items or records in the list.

Barcode Generation Live Example

The barcode library is a powerful tool that allows developers to easily generate barcodes by specifying the target barcode type, inserting the input data to store the barcode, and customizing appearance-related properties. The library provides a variety of options for fine-tuning the appearance of the generated barcodes, including options for setting the background and foreground colors, font, size, resolution, and text captions.

Code to be executed - C#

// Initialize barcode generator
using (var generator = new Aspose.BarCode.Generation.BarcodeGenerator(EncodeTypes.QR, ""))
  // Set parameters
  generator.Parameters.Barcode.XDimension.Millimeters *= 2;
  generator.Parameters.Barcode.CodeTextParameters.Location = CodeLocation.Below;

  // Generate image
  Bitmap res = generator.GenerateBarCodeImage();
Generation result

Save Barcodes in Various Formats

The barcode library provides various options to save generated barcodes not only using popular raster image formats but also to stream or vector. Barcodes can be downloaded using one of the five most widely used image formats or two vector formats. It is also possible to load barcodes as files, streams, or bitmaps. Developers can customize the process of barcode generation and saving according to specific business needs by setting the required output mode. The API supports the following file formats: BMP, PNG, GIF, JPEG, and TIFF for input/output; EMF and SVG for output.
Developers can save barcodes as vector images, such as EMF and SVG files, to scale them without losses in resolution.

Barcode Recognition Live Example

The Barcode API includes various features for detecting and reading a wide range of popular 1D and 2D barcodes. These features can be easily integrated into your applications with just a few lines of code, providing a convenient and efficient way to add barcode detection capabilities to your applications.

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Code to be executed - C#

// Initialize barcode reader
using (var reader = new Aspose.BarCode.BarCodeReader("<file name>", DecodeType.AllSupportedTypes))
    // Recognize barcodes on the image
    foreach (var barcode in reader.ReadBarCodes())
        // Display the recognition result
        Console.WriteLine($"{barcode.CodeTypeName}: {barcode.CodeText}");

Recognition result

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