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Convert DWFX to JPEG via C#

Instantly convert DWFX to JPEG without needing AutoCAD® or any other rendering software.

In order to convert DWFX to JPEG, we’ll use Aspose.CAD for .NET API which is a feature-rich, powerful and easy to use document manipulation and conversion API for C# platform. Open NuGet package manager, search for Aspose.CAD and install. You may also use the following command from the Package Manager Console.

Package Manager Console Command

PM> Install-Package Aspose.CAD

Steps to Convert DWFX to JPEG via C#

.NET programmers can easily load & convert DWFX files to JPEG in just a few lines of code.

  1. Load DWFX file with Image.Load method
  2. Set an object of CadRasterizationOptions with page height & width
  3. Create an instance of JpegOptions class and set its VectorRasterizationOptions property
  4. Call Image.Save method while passing the resultant file path & object of JpegOptions

System Requirements

Before running the .NET conversion code, make sure that you have the following prerequisites.

  • Microsoft Windows or a compatible OS with .NET Framework, .NET Core, and PHP, VBScript, Delphi, C++ via COM Interop.
  • Development environment like Microsoft Visual Studio.
  • Aspose.CAD for .NET DLL referenced in your project.

This sample code shows DWFX to JPEG C# Conversion

  • Free App to Convert DWFX to JPEG