Microsoft® Excel Document Conversion via C++

Save Microsoft® Excel files as spreadsheet, web, image and fixed-layout formats


For any spreadsheet converter application or solution, C++ Excel Library speeds up coding, automation and conversion processes while handling multiple files including XLSX, XLS, XLSM, XLSB, XLTX, XLTM, CSV, SpreadsheetML, ODS. It also allows to convert Excel to PDF, XPS, HTML, MHTML, Plain Text and popular images such as JPG, TIFF, PNG, BMP and SVG.

Inter-conversion of Microsoft Excel Formats

Inter-conversion of spreadsheet format only requires loading a spreadsheet with an instance of intrusive_ptr Aspose::Cells::IWorkbook pointer and saving back in the desired format using Save method of IWorkbook class .

C++ Example Code for Excel File Format Conversion

// Load the source excel format.
intrusive_ptr<Aspose::Cells::IWorkbook> wkb = Factory::CreateIWorkbook(u"src_excel_file.xls");

// Save in required output format.
wkb->Save(u"output_excel_format.xlsx", SaveFormat_Xlsx);

Convert Excel Formats to PDF with Compliance Level Settings

C++ Excel Automation API supports conversion of Workbooks to PDF as well as support setting of compliance level and creation date. Developers can use IPdfSaveOptions along with Aspose::Cells::Rendering to set the PDF compliance. For conversion, API save method having PdfSaveOptions as parameter and speicified output file path.

C++ Sample Code for Excel to PDF Conversion
// Load the sample Excel file.
intrusive_ptr<Aspose::Cells::IWorkbook> wkb = Factory::CreateIWorkbook(u"sample-convert-excel-to.pdf");

// Create pdf save options object.
intrusive_ptr<Aspose::Cells::IPdfSaveOptions> pdfSaveOptions = Factory::CreateIPdfSaveOptions();

// Set the compliance to PDF/A-1b.

// or PdfCompliance_PdfA1a 
// for normal PDF it will be PdfCompliance_None

// Save the Excel Document in PDF format
wkb->Save(u"output-converted-excel-workbook-to.pdf", pdfSaveOptions);

Save Excel to Images

C++ Excel Parser has the ability to export data in the form of images. Each worksheet can be converted to different image formats including BMP, JPEG, PNG and GIF, set by the Rendering::IImageOrPrintOptions . For any Convert Excel to Images case, select the relevant case from links.

C++ Code for Excel to Image Conversion
// Output directory path.
StringPtr outDir = new String("ImagesOutputDirectoryPath");

// Load the XLSX.
intrusive_ptr<Aspose::Cells::IWorkbook> wkb = Factory::CreateIWorkbook(u"source-excel-file.xlsx");

// Access first worksheet.
intrusive_ptr<Aspose::Cells::IWorksheet> wks = wkb->GetIWorksheets()->GetObjectByIndex(0);

// Create image or print options object.
intrusive_ptr<Aspose::Cells::Rendering::IImageOrPrintOptions> imgOptions = Factory::CreateIImageOrPrintOptions();

// Specify the image format. Below code is for JPEG

// For other images like GIF, BMP and PNG one can use GetGif(), GetBmp() and GetPng() respectively 

// Specify horizontal and vertical resolution

// Render the sheet with respect to specified image or print options.
intrusive_ptr<Aspose::Cells::Rendering::ISheetRender> sr = Factory::CreateISheetRender(wks, imgOptions);

// Get page count.
Aspose::Cells::Systems::Int32 pageCount = sr->GetPageCount();

// Create string builder object for string concatenations.
intrusive_ptr<Aspose::Cells::Systems::Text::StringBuilder> sb = new Aspose::Cells::Systems::Text::StringBuilder();

// Render each page to jpeg image one by one.
for (int i = 0; i < pageCount; i++){
	// Clear string builder and create output image path with string concatenations.
	sb->Append((StringPtr)new String("outputConvertingWorksheetToImageJPEG_"));
	sb->Append((StringPtr)new String(".jpeg"));
	// Get the output image path.
	StringPtr outputJPEG = sb->ToString();
	// Convert worksheet to image.
	sr->ToImage(i, outputJPEG);