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Create Area Charts via Python

Native and high performance MS Excel Charts creation programmatically using Python APIs.

Creating Area Charts dynamically within running application is easy. In order to create variety of charts to spreadsheets from scratch without requiring MS Office, we’ll use [Aspose.Cells for Python]( API that offers different features for spreadsheets creation, manipulation and conversion on Python platform. Aspose.Cells provides many flexible chart objects.

How to Create Area Charts via Python

It is easy for the developers to create an Area chart within running different reporting applications for data processing in just a few lines of code.

  1. Import asposecells in your code file.
  2. Create Workbook class instance.
  3. Add some data to worksheet.
  4. Add an Area chart to the worksheet
  5. Access the new chart object from the Charts collection by passing its index.
  6. Set the chart’s data source with Chart.setChartDataRange method.
  7. Save as Excel or ODS files.

System Requirements

Aspose.Cells for Python is platform-independent API and can be used on any platform (Windows, Linux), just make sure that system have Python 3.7 or higher.

- Install Aspose.Cells for Python from pypi, use command as: $ pip install aspose-cells-python.

Following source code shows how to create an Area Chart to MS Excel XLSX file using Python.