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Java Visio Diagram APIs

Manipulate and Export Microsoft Office Visio files to PDF, HTML, Images and XAML formats without any Microsoft Office Visio dependencies.

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Aspose.Diagram for Java is a powerful Microsoft Visio document processing API. It provides common functionality such as create, parse & convert native Visio formats as well as supports some commonly used image and fixed-layout formats. Applications can load existing documents and manipulate the diagram elements to export the result in its own formats, images or fixed-layout formats.

By integrating API, some of the basic tasks developers can perform like create diagrams from scratch, read or write multiple formats, access and read the properties including formulas of Visio objects, export diagrams to different formats, print diagrams with high fidelity and much more.

Advanced Java Visio API Features

Read multiple Visio formats

Read properties of different objects

Save diagrams as XML

Group multiple shapes

Configure TimeLine shapes

Specify fonts location

Manipulate document properties

Print diagrams with high fidelity

Rotate a shape at a suitable angle

Add comments to drawings

Add hyperlink to a shape

Protect or unprotect diagrams & shapes

Create a user-defined cell in the shapesheet

Insert a new blank page into a drawing

Set locale as per your requirements

Parse Microsoft Visio Documents

Java diagram API allows to read native file formats of Microsoft Visio application, thus allowing you to access the diagram data like Document Pages, Properties, Masters, Images, Shapes, Connects, Solution XML, Layers, Hyperlinks, Comments, StyleSheet, user-defined cells and so on. These objects can be manipulated through the API, and the result can be written to disk in any of the supported formats.

Export to Images, PDF & HTML

Developers can load Visio files and render them to popular images including JPEG, BMP, PNG, TIFF, SVG and EMF. The library also provides the ability to export Visio documents to PDF, HTML & XPS formats with the highest fidelity.

Save diagram in different formats - Java

// load file to be converted

Diagram dgrm = new Diagram(dir + "template.vsdx");

// convert VSDX to PDF, HTML and JPEG formats"D:/output.pdf", SaveFileFormat.PDF);"D:/output.html", SaveFileFormat.HTML);"D:/output.jpg", SaveFileFormat.JPEG);

Organize Shapes in a Container

Normally, developers add shapes in a container to keep things well organized and understandable. The containers add a visual boundary around shapes, including a label. To add a container and sub shapes to the diagram, developers can use the library because it gives an easy and quick approach.

Combine Multiple Shapes in a Group

Using API, developers may group shapes, pictures, or other objects. Grouping lets them rotate, flip, move, or resize all shapes or objects at the same time as though they were a single shape or object.

Print Easily & Reliably

The library allows the developers to print diagrams using various options - with just a few lines of code. You can choose to print with default settings or to any of the available printers with customized settings.

Print Visio files to physical printer - Java

// load file to be printed

Diagram dgm = new Diagram(dir + "template.vsdx");

// print while specifying printer job and print name

dgm.print("LaserJet1100", "Job Name");

Aspose.Diagram offers individual Visio APIs for other popular development environments as listed below: