Remove Microsoft® Visio File Annotations via Java

Add or delete Visio files annotations using Java code within Java based applications.


Java Visio Library provides support to manage annotations at shape level by adding, accessing and removing comments. Using comments at shape level, relevant information can be stored for end users. Supported file formats include VDW, VDX, VSD, VSDM, VSDX,VSS,VSSM,VSSX,VST,VSTM,VSTX,VSX and VTX.

Visio Files Data Annotations

Managing Comments in Pages - There is not any limit that how many comments a page has in MS Visio. One can add as much as of application requirement. We will use the Annotation Class for all of this functionality.

  • Load Visio file using Diagram class object
  • Acess the relevant Page
  • Call addComment to add the comment
  • Use Comment property for adding comments content
  • Save the diagram before & after calling adComment method to compare
Java Code to Insert Visio Files Comments