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.NET Microsoft Visio File Processing APIs

Generate, Edit, Manipulate and Transform Microsoft Visio diagrams to XPS, HTML, SVG, SWF, XAML, images or PDF formats.

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Aspose.Diagram for .NET is a specialized API designed to work with Microsoft Visio documents. It allows developers to create, manipulate & convert native Visio formats. Developers can create diagrams from scratch as well as easily load existing files and manipulate the elements of the diagram to export the result in other formats.

Aspose.Diagram for .NET supports almost all native Visio formats as well as some commonly used image & fixed-layout formats. This API is an alternative to the Microsoft Visio Object Model and provides better performance. It makes use of the advanced functionality of Visio Services to manipulate documents on a server.

Advanced .NET Visio Files API Features

Read multiple formats & specify fonts location.

Group multiple shapes

Configure TimeLine shapes

Read the properties of different objects of the diagram

Save diagrams as XML or XAML

Manipulate Visio document properties

Print diagram on a server via XpsPrint API

Rotate a shape at any angle

Add comments to drawings

Insert a new blank page into a drawing

Print diagrams with high fidelity

Specify reviewer for creating comments in Diagram

Detect and remove unused Themes, data graphics, and styles

Extract shape data on the basis of Dependson formula

Get all Props value for a Shape

Add NUBRS line support when exporting a drawing

Support of drawing Polyline and Bezier shapes

Render comments when saving as image or HTML

Simple, Fast & Reliable Conversion of Visio Files

Companies generate technical diagrams in Microsoft Visio and would like to be able to share this information. The problem, however, is that the common users would not be able to load such visuals unless they have installed Microsoft Visio or some other tool that could load Visio specific file formats. One of the ways of solving this problem is converting diagrams to universal formats such as PDF, HTML & raster images, which do not require special programs to be installed on the machine.

.NET Visio library has its own conversion engine, which works independently of any other software, and can convert any supported Visio format to any of the supported one with just a few lines of code. The conversion process is quick yet reliable, offering you the high fidelity results regardless of the resultant format.

Save the diagram in different formats - C#

// load file to be converted

var dgr = new Aspose.Diagram.Diagram(dir + "template.vsdx");

// convert to other formats

dgr.Save(dir + "output.pdf", Aspose.Diagram.SaveFileFormat.PDF);

dgr.Save(dir + "output.html", Aspose.Diagram.SaveFileFormat.HTML);

dgr.Save(dir + "output.jpg", Aspose.Diagram.SaveFileFormat.JPEG);

Manipulate Microsoft Visio Diagrams

Aspose.Diagram for .NET API allows reading Microsoft Visio files in native VSD/VSDX format as well as other formats including VSS, VST, VSX, VTX, VDW, VDX, VSSX, VSTX, VSDM, VSSM, and VSTM. The contents of the diagram can be manipulated through the API. After making the required changes to the document, the document can then be written to disk in any of the supported formats.

Access Data from Visio Diagrams

Aspose.Diagram for .NET allows developers to easily read the data of the diagram like Document Properties, Pages, Masters, Shapes, Images, Connects, Solution XML, Comments, Hyperlinks, StyleSheet, Layers, User-defined cells and so on.

Print Diagrams with Ease

Aspose.Diagram for .NET allows printing diagrams using different options, with just a few lines of code. You can choose to print with default settings, print to a specific printer or choose to print a range of pages.

Print diagrams on the physical printer - C#

// load file to be printed

var dgrm = new Aspose.Diagram.Diagram(dir + "template.vsdx");

// print to default printer


// print while specifying printer name & print job

dgrm.Print("LaserJet1100", "Job Name");

Microsoft Office Automation – Not Needed

Aspose.Diagram for .NET is built using managed code that never needs Microsoft Office or Microsoft Visio to be installed on the machine to work with Visio documents processing. It is a perfect Microsoft Office Visio automation alternative in terms of supported features, security, stability, scalability, speed and price.


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