Manage Microsoft® Visio File Metadata via .NET

View, add, update, remove or extract built-in and custom Visio file properties using server side .NET APIs.


.NET Visio API supports the management of system-defined (built-in) properties such as title, author name, document statistics etc as well as user-defined (custom) properties in the form of name-value pair. There is Diagram class to load the files, and PageCollection deals with collection of pages as well as Page class for representing single Page. Along with these classes, documentproperties, customprops makes the process simple for metadata management.

Managing Built-in Properties

For managing system-defined properties, API provides documentproperties , and programmers can easily access a built-in property and update its value.

C# Code to Manage Builtin Properties

Managing Custom Defined Properties

For managing user-defined properties, API provides customprops , and developers can easily access already added properties as well as add new properties. In order to add custom properties, Add method adds the property and returns a reference for the new property as an CustomProp object. CustomProp class is used to retrieve the name, value, and type of the document property as Name , customvalue , PropertyType enumeration values.

C# Code to Add Metadata in Visio File
C# Code to Remove Custom Property in Visio File