Aspose.Diagram   for Python via Java

Python Visio Files API

Create, Read, Write and Export Microsoft Visio Formats including VSDX, VDX, VSX, VTX and more formats using Python API.

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Aspose.Diagram for Python via Java is a Microsoft Visio document manipulation solution. One can read, write, protect, export and print native Visio formats as well as supports some commonly used image and fixed-layout formats. Its easy to load existing files, modify the diagram elements to export into desired format including images or fixed-layout formats such as PDF or XPS.

Aspose.Diagram for Python via Java is a standalone API and does not require Microsoft Visio or any other software installation. Moreover, few tasks that one can perform easily like create diagrams from scratch, read or write various formats, access and read the properties including Visio object formulas, exporting diagrams to multiple formats, print diagrams with high fidelity, and much more.

Advanced Python Visio API Features

Create diagrams from scratch

Read multiple Visio formats

Read the properties of different objects

Write various Visio formats

Manipulate document properties

Print diagrams with high fidelity

Protect or unprotect diagrams & shapes

Export diagrams to different formats

Create Visio Documents from Scratch

Aspose.Diagram for Python is simple and easy to use. It lets users to work with diagrams without any understanding of underlying format like one can create VSDX files from scratch with just few lines of code.

Create VSDX format from Scratch using Python

diagram = Diagram()"output.vsdx", SaveFileFormat.VSDX)

Access and Manipulate Visio Files

Python diagram API permits to read native Microsoft Visio formats as well as provide access to the diagram data like document, page, master, shape, stylesheet, connect and so on. These objects can be manipulated through the API, and the result can be written to disk in any of the supported formats.

Export to Images

Developers can easily load Visio files and export them to popular images including PNG, TIFF, JPEG, BMP, SVG and EMF. Python library also supports exporting Visio files to PDF & XPS formats with the highest fidelity.

Export Page of Visio VSDX File to PNG Format

diagram = Diagram("test.vsdx")

// Save diagram as PNG

options = ImageSaveOptions(SaveFileFormat.PNG)

// Save one page only, by page index


// Save resultant Image file"output.png", options)

Support and Learning Resources


Aspose.Diagram offers individual Visio APIs for other popular development environments as listed below: