Thunderbird and Outlook Email Formats Conversion Via Java

Microsoft® Outlook and Thunderbird files conversion and parsing to build cross-platform Java applications


Java Email API to build cross-platform mail processing solutions having the ability to generate, manipulate, process and convert messages without the installation of Microsoft Outlook®. Developers can easily enhance applications for adding custom headers, attachments, validating email addresses and conversion between formats such as EML, MSG, MBOX, OST, PST and MHT.

Convert Email Formats to Different Formats

Developers can easily convert supported message formats using Java library. It simply loads the source file into API object model and call the save method having the relevant parameters. e.g For converting EML to MSG, There is MailMessage Load function for getting source file and calling the save method having output file and SaveOptions as relevant parameters.

Considering another scenario of Mbox to HTML conversion, Process is, read the Mbox file using MboxrdStorageReader , Iterate through each message, and save it to into HTML file by providing file path and MailMessageSaveType as parameters into save method.

Java Code for EML to MSG Conversion
Java Code for Mbox to HTML Conversion