Outlook and Thunderbird Email Formats Conversion Via C#

Microsoft® Outlook and Thunderbird files conversion and parsing to build cross-platform .NET applications


.NET Email API to build cross-platform mail processing solutions having the ability to generate, manipulate, process, convert and transmit messages without the installation of Microsoft Outlook®. Developers can easily enhance applications for features like addition, getting or removing attachments from a message object, customization of message headers by changing the subject, adding or removing recipients and more.

Convert emails to various file formats

Developers can easily convert Email formats by integrating API without going into the internal detail of underlying format specifications. Conversion process is simple by firstly loading the source using MailMessage.Load and calling the Save method having the output file and SaveOptions.DefaultFormat as parameters.

C# Code for MSG to EML Conversion
C# Code for MSG to HTML Conversion
C# Code for MSG to MHTML Conversion