Convert EML to OTT via C#

.NET API for EML to OTT conversion without needing Outlook® or Thunderbird®.

Aspose.Email for .NET

Convert EML to OTT via C#

  1. Load EML file with Aspose.Email.MailMessage.Load
  2. Call the Save method & pass the output file path with OTT file extension
  3. OTT file will be saved at the specified path

.NET Emailing Library

Aspose.Email is a Microsoft Outlook and Thunderbird formats parsing solution. One can easily create, manipulate, convert email and storage formats such as MSG, EMLX, EML and MHT. Handling of email attachments, customization of message headers and implementation of different network protocols like POP3, IMAP & SMTP to send & receive emails is much easier. Its a standalone API and does not require Microsoft Outlook or any other software installation.


C# Code for EML to OTT Conversion


  • How can I get the Aspose.Email DLL?
    Simply execute Install-Package Aspose.Email in Package Manager console of Visual Studio or get it from Downloads in MSI or ZIP formats.
  • Can I convert EML to OTT via Java & C++?
    Aspose.Email is available for all major programming environments. Checkout Java and C++ source code snippets for EML to OTT conversion.
  • Can I convert EML to OTT on other platforms?
    You can execute the code with .NET Framework, .NET Core, and Xamarin Platforms.
  • I do not have time to set up. Do you have a quick demo that I can try?
    Indeed. Try EML to OTT Conversion Demo to quickly check the conversion results.

Free Online App for EML to OTT Conversion

  No need to download or setup anything
  No need to write or compile code
  Just upload EML file and hit the "Convert" button
  Download the resultant OTT file from the link

EML What is EML file format?

EML file format represents email messages saved using Outlook and other relevant applications. Almost all emailing clients support this file format for its compliance with RFC-822 Internet Message Format Standard. Microsoft Outlook is the default software for opening EML message types. EML files can be used for saving to disc as well as sending out to recipients using communication protocols.

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ott What is OTT file format?

Files with OTT extension represent template documents generated by applications in compliance with the OASIS' OpenDocument standard format. These are created with word processor applications such as free OpenOffice Writer and can hold settings that can be used to generate new documents from these template files. These settings include page margins, borders, headers, footers, and other page settings. Such templates are used in official documents such as company letterheads and standardized forms.

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