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Convert OST to OFT via C#

OST to OFT C# conversion using .NET API without Outlook® or Thunderbird® dependencies.

How to Convert OST to OFT Using C#

If you are a software developer looking for a solution to convert your email files for efficient processing, Aspose.Email for .NET will become your reliable assistant. This robust and progressive C# library is designed to optimize your email processes and enhance email management systems within the .NET environment.

With a focus on efficiency and ease of use, this API offers a seamless approach to handling email-related tasks, making it an ideal choice for developers working on intricate email management systems or looking to integrate email functionalities into existing .NET applications. Enhance your software solutions with advanced email processing features!

One of the standout features of the API is its ability to efficiently convert between various email formats enhancing the flexibility and customization of applications. With just a few lines of code, developers can easily export items from an OST (Outlook Offline Storage Table) file to OFT (Outlook File Template), ensuring data integrity and workflow continuity during the migration process. Exporting from OST to OFT enables extracting email templates and other Outlook-related data from the OST file. This operation enables the reuse or transfer of these templates to other systems or accounts, allowing for more efficient communication and productivity across different platforms or email clients that support the OFT format. The API’s user-friendly interface and high-speed performance makes the conversion process straightforward and easy involving just a few steps to load, read and save messages to the required file format.

Additionally, the API provides comprehensive support for a wide range of email formats and storage systems, allowing you to create, read, and manipulate email messages and interact with various email protocols. To leverage the power of the .NET API, perform one of the following actions:

  • Open NuGet package manager, search for Aspose.Email and install it on your device.

  • Use the following command from the Package Manager Console:

PM> Install-Package Aspose.Email

Steps to Convert OST to OFT via C#

.NET programmers can easily load & convert OST files to OFT in just a few lines of code.

  1. Access the OST file “storage.ost” for processing.
  2. Create the output directory if it does not exist.
  3. Retrieve the Inbox folder from the OST file.
  4. Iterate through each email message in the Inbox folder.
  5. For each message, save it as a .oft file in the output directory.

System Requirements

Before running the .NET conversion code, make sure that you have the following prerequisites.

  • Microsoft Windows or a compatible OS with .NET Framework, .NET Core, and PHP, VBScript, Delphi, C++ via COM Interop.
  • Development environment like Microsoft Visual Studio.
  • Aspose.Email for .NET DLL referenced in your project.
  • Include namespace in relevant class.

This sample code shows OST to OFT C# Conversion

using (var ost = PersonalStorage.FromFile("storage.ost"))
    // Ensure the output directory exists

    var inboxFolder = ost.GetPredefinedFolder(StandardIpmFolder.Inbox);

    // Iterate through ost messages and save them as .oft files
    int count = 1;

    foreach (var msg in inboxFolder.EnumerateMapiMessages())
        // Save each message as .oft file
        var oftFilePath = Path.Combine(outputDirectory, $"Message{count}.oft");

        msg.Save("template.oft", SaveOptions.DefaultOft);

        Console.WriteLine($"Message {count} saved as: {oftFilePath}");

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