Aspose.Email  for .NET

Receiving Emails via Exchange Web Services (EWS) with C# API

Presenting Aspose.Email functionality to receive emails programmatically via Microsoft Exchange server in C#

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Empower your applications with the capabilities of Aspose.Email for .NET. Explore our extensive range of APIs and start building email applications that stand out in the modern digital landscape. Transform your applications into powerful tools that will push the boundaries of possibilities for non-contact communication.

With EWS integration into your project powered by the C# API, you will be able to build applications ensuring your users have a seamless communication experience.

To leverage the power of the library for your project, install it via NuGet or download its DLL.

Benefits of Using .NET API with EWS

Microsoft Exchange Web Services (EWS) serves as a robust framework for communication and data management within Microsoft Exchange servers. Our .NET API allows for perfect integration of EWS functionality into you project providing developers with a comprehensive library to establish a robust and effective communication experience encompassing the following features:

  • Real-time Synchronization: EWS allows applications to stay in sync with Exchange servers in real time. With our progressive API, developers can receive emails instantaneously, enabling users to access timely updates and stay ahead of their communication.

  • Efficient Data Management: The integration of EWS enables developers to manage not only messages but also calendars, contacts, and tasks. This comprehensive approach empowers applications to facilitate seamless organization and productivity enhancement for users.

  • Streamlined Application Development: Developers are now free from the complexities of low-level services. This streamlines the development process, allowing them to focus on creating value-added features.

How To Receive Emails via EWS in C#

Incorporating Aspose.Email for EWS integration into your application is straightforward. With all the necessary namespaces imported, start using our advanced API to connect to an Exchange Web Service and fetch messages from the Inbox folder of a specified email account:

using Aspose.Email;
using Aspose.Email.Clients.Exchange.WebService;

using (var client = EWSClient.GetEWSClient("", "UserName", "Password"))
    foreach(var msgInfo in client.ListMessages(client.MailboxInfo.InboxUri)
        var eml = client.FetchMessage(msgInfo.UniqueUri);

About a powerful C# Library

Aspose.Email offers a comprehensive suite of functionalities that empower developers to seamlessly interact with email communication within their applications. From creating and customizing messages with attachments and formatting to parsing incoming emails for essential data extraction, it simplifies the intricate process of their manipulation. The library’s adept attachment handling ensures smooth access to important files, enhancing user experiences. With its support for various email protocols and services, including IMAP, POP3, EWS, and MS Graph, the API provides a unified solution for developers to build robust email applications that streamline communication, boost productivity, and offer a seamless user experience.