Convert XBRL to XLSX via Python

XBRL to Microsoft® Excel XLSX format conversion without needing Microsoft Office installed.


Aspose.Finance for Python via .NET is an API to process XBRL, iXBRL formats and developers can easily build business processes management, financial analysis and reporting software applications to convert, create, read, view and validate XBRL and iXBRL finance-related files.

How to Convert XBRL to XLSX

  1. Load input XBRL file using XbrlDocument class.
  2. Set SaveOptions for the output file by choosing the relevant SaveFormat.XSLX.
  3. Call the save method by providing the target file and relevant SaveOptions as parameters.

Conversion Requirement

To proceed for XBRL to XLSX conversion, make sure that you have the following prerequisites.

  • Microsoft Windows or Linux based OS.
  • Python 3.5 or later.
  • Aspose.Finance for Python referenced in your project.

C# source code to convert XBRL to XLSX file


Other Conversion Options

XBRL to iXBRL (Inline Extensible Business Reporting Language)
OFX Response (From 1.03 to 2.2 Format)
OFX Request (From 1.03 to 2.2 Format)