Read Financial Reporting Files via Python

Viewing financial report formats including XBRL and iXBRL within Python based applications.


Aspose.Finance for Python via .NET is a feature rich, extensible and easy to use financial report processing API. Developers can easily load, view or create XBRL and iXBRL formats for business and financial solutions. API provides XbrlDocument class and InlineXbrlDocument class for loading valid XBRL and iXBRL files.

Read XBRL Document

Viewing XBRL file is needed to load the existing file for viewing and analysis. To view XBLR documents, API provides XbrlDocument class as mentioned in above paragraph with valid XBRL file as input parameters. Use other API classes, developers can easily analyse its structur and data. Few of the classes are SchemaRefCollection, Context, Unit.

Python Code to View XBRL File

Read iXBRL Document

As mentioned above, when there is need of viewing, analysing or editing existing data then there is need of reading the iXBRL file. To view it, API provides InlineXbrlDocument class having a valid iXBRL file as parameter. Programmers can utilize classes like InlineFact, Context, Unit viewing its data and structure.

Python Code to View iXBRL Document