Font is the set of graphical representations of symbols. The way a font looks depends on the font’s parameters such as type family, typeface, font proportions, etc. Working with fonts is an important part of interface development, design, or typography. How will your interface look depends on the font you chose, but also there is a lot of factors you need to take to stop on the right font. Not only users do pay attention to the readability of the texts but also search engines take them into account when forming search results

Discover the Power of Aspose.Font C++ font library, - a cutting-edge library for that empowers you to handle various font formats, including TTF, EOT, WOFF, CFF, and Type1. Aspose.Font for C++ lets you effortlessly:

🌟 Read fonts from files or streams with ease, enabling you to work with fonts wherever they are stored.

📊 Gain deep insights into font data structures, providing you with comprehensive information about every aspect of the font.

✨ Whether you're dealing with TTF, EOT, WOFF, CFF, or Type1 fonts, our API simplifies the encoding process, ensuring compatibility with all font types.

💾 Seamlessly save fonts in your preferred format, preserving font integrity and quality.

🎨 Leverage our rendering subsystem to effortlessly render any desired glyph or text, delivering stunning results to impress your end-users.

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Load, Extract and Save TrueType Font

Aspose.Font for C++ can easily load, extract, and save TrueType font formats. Here are just few lines of code for TrueType TTF.

Load, Extract and Save TTF - C++

    using namespace System;
    using namespace Aspose::Font::Sources;
    using namespace Aspose::Font::Ttf;
    using namespace Aspose::Font;

    // Open ttf font
    SharedPtr<FontFileDefinition> fontFileDefinition = MakeObject<FileSystemStreamSource>("Montserrat-Regular.ttf");
    SharedPtr<FontDefinition> fontDefinition = MakeObject<FontDefinition>(FontType::TTF, fontFileDefinition);
    SharedPtr<Font> font = Font::Open(fontDefinition);

    // Woff output settings
    SharedPtr<IO::FileStream> outStream = IO::File::Create("Montserrat-Regular-new.woff");

    // Convert ttf to woff
    font->SaveToFormat(outStream, FontSavingFormats::WOFF);


1. Why would you need Aspose.Font for C++?

Aspose.Font for C++ is a specialized solution within the Aspose.Font product suite designed specifically for C++ developers. It equips developers with a comprehensive set of APIs and utilities to handle font-related tasks programmatically. This versatile tool allows you to seamlessly load fonts, perform conversions between formats, read font data, and extract valuable information associated with fonts.

2. What font formats are supported by Aspose.Font?

This API Solution supports TTF, WOFF, WOFF2, EOT, Type 1, and CFF as input and TTF, WOFF, WOFF2, and SVG as output formats

3. Where can I find information needed to start working with Aspose.Font for C++?

Go to Documentation to learn the fundamentals like system requirements, installation, licensing, and how to run examples within C++. There you can also find Developer Guide with the code examples of the functionality.

4. Where can I get help if there are any issues with the API?

Check how to troubleshoot with font files . If the article does not have answers to your questions put it on the Free Support Forum


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