Font represents the visual manifestation of symbols, its appearance determined by various parameters such as type family, typeface, and proportions. The manipulation of fonts holds significant importance in interface development, design, and typography. The choice of font not only influences the aesthetics of your interface but also impacts factors critical for selection. Users prioritize readability, while search engines factor in font attributes when generating search results.

Embrace the capabilities of Aspose.Font for JavaScript - an innovative library empowering you to manage diverse font formats, including TTF, EOT, WOFF, CFF, and Type1. With Aspose.Font for JavaScript, you can seamlessly:

🌟 Convert fonts effortlessly, facilitating direct browser-based font manipulation.

📊 Access font metadata structures, providing comprehensive details about various font aspects.

✨ Regardless of the font type - be it TTF, EOT, WOFF, CFF, or Type1 - our API simplifies the encoding process, ensuring universal compatibility.

💾 Retrieve information regarding library version and licensing status.

Step into the future of font management with Aspose.Font for JavaScript. Experience its potential with a free trial or purchase the solution today!

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Convert Font

Aspose.Font for JavaScript can easily convert most of font formats to TrueType and Web Open font formats. Here are just few lines of code for TrueType (TTF).

Convert TTF to WOFF - JavaScript

  var fTTF2WOFF = function (e) {
    const file_reader = new FileReader();
    file_reader.onload = (event) => {
      const json = AsposeFontConvert(,[0].name, Module.FontType.TTF, Module.FontSavingFormats.WOFF);
      if (json.errorCode == 0) document.getElementById('output').textContent = json.fileNameResult;
      else document.getElementById('output').textContent = json.errorText;
      DownloadFile(json.fileNameResult, "woff");

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Aspose.Font offers individual APIs for popular development environments as listed below: