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An easy way to integrate Aspose.GIS Conversion into your application with API for .NET

Instead of many GIS Aspose.GIS Conversion apps for every single input and output file format

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Aspose.GIS for .NET


Integrate GIS Conversion into your .NET applications to provide end users with fast and accurate conversions between all popular formats without having to install external software. Conversion for .NET provides developers with a set of APIs for building powerful conversion applications in C#, ASP.NET, and other .NET-related technologies

The conversion API for .NET is designed for quick and accurate inter-conversion between file formats in just one line of fully managed code.

VectorLayer.Convert(sampleGeoJsonPath, Drivers.GeoJson, outputFilePath, Drivers.TopoJson);

This API is used to develop different kinds of applications on Windows including ASP.NET, WinForms, and Windows Services.

The GIS Conversion API is just one of the parts of a GIS library for .NET designed to process GIS data such as reading, writing, storing, managing, editing, analyzing, and visualizing all kinds of geographic data. The ability to convert files from one format to another is one of the key features of Aspose.GIS. GIS Conversion allows you to upload various GIS file formats and convert them to other formats, and manipulate geometric objects, both simple and complex, during conversion (set object attributes and reproject), all without any additional tools, time, or software.

Try our web browser Converter app to see a very simple two-step conversion on your own:
  • Upload the GIS file
  • Specify the output format.
  • Get a download link.
You don’t even need a subscription to get a download link. [However, we would appreciate it if you would subscribe to Aspose product updates. Receive monthly newsletters and offers directly to your mailbox]

Easy to use and deploy.

Affordable solution for geospatial data security.

Why Aspose.GIS for .NET?

Aspose’s customers are drawn from various industries, from software developers and consulting companies to banks, government agencies, and academic institutions. Whenever you need experience in GIS, you need an Aspose.GIS product. Some of our 21,000+ customers around the world have shared their succhess stories already.
Code for GeoJSON to Shapefile Conversion
Input file
Upload a file you want to convert
Output format
Select the target format from the list
string jsonFilePath = dataDir + "output_out.json";
string outShapeSHPFile = dataDir + "OutputShapeFile_out.shp";

VectorLayer.Convert(jsonFilePath, Drivers.GeoJson, outShapeSHPFile, Drivers.Shapefile);
Code for Converting Shapefile Data to GeoJSON
string shapeSHPFilePath = dataDir + "InputShapeFile.shp";
string jsonFilePath = dataDir + "output_out.json";

VectorLayer.Convert(shapeSHPFilePath, Drivers.Shapefile, jsonFilePath, Drivers.GeoJson);
Code for KML to GeoJSON Conversion
VectorLayer.Convert(dir + "example.kml", Drivers.Kml, dir + "output.geojson", Drivers.GeoJson);

C# Aspose.GIS Conversion library

There are a simple way to install Aspose.GIS for .NET onto your system:

  • Install Package Aspose.GIS from Package Manager Console in Visual Studio to get the NuGet package;
  • Or you can download package from our site;
  • Update Package Aspose.GIS. to upgrade to the latest version;
  • Add Aspose.GIS for .NET to your system by installing NuGet Package;
  • See Documentation.

System Requirements

Aspose.GIS Conversion API for .NET is supported on most platforms and operating systems and it can be used to develop several different types of .NET apps including ASP .NET, WinForms and Windows Services. API for .NET is easy to use and deploy, and provides the ideal solution to work with geospatial information with .NET Framework 4.7, .NET Standard 2.0 & Xamarin platforms. Before running the code, please make sure your system meets the appropriate requirements.

Aspose.Aspose.GIS Conversion Live Demos on C#

Try the features of our library to see new opportunities. Live demos in C#

Key Features

No need to download Aspose GIS API.

Just Select SHP as output format and.

Upload your GPX file, it will be converted instantly to SHP.

You will get the download link.