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Aspose.GIS for UK

Convert Shp to Svg Using C#

Aspose.GIS for Uk enables you to convert Shp to Svg for vector-based and raster geospatial data formats. Data is only useful when someone can see it. Uk GIS library makes it easy and fast to export GIS data to vector or raster images and provides rich symbology for complex visualization scenarios.

Aspose.GIS for Uk is designed with simplicity, performance, usability & portability in mind. It contains APIs to be used with Uk Framework & Uk Core platforms, enabling you to build cross-platform applications with great ease.

Save Shp to Svg - C#
Input file
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// For complete examples and data files, please go to https://github.com/aspose-gis/Aspose.GIS-for-.NET

// Create a map
using (var map = new Map(800, 400))
	// Use the specified SRS
	map.SpatialReferenceSystem = SpatialReferenceSystem.Wgs84;

	// Use the specified style to draw lines
	// We also have styles for points, lines, and surfaces.
	var symbolizer = new SimpleLine() {Width = Measurement.Pixels(2)};
	// Open a layer and add to the map
	map.Add(VectorLayer.Open("land.shp", Drivers.Shapefile), symbolizer);

	// Render the map to Svg format
	map.Render("land_out.png", Renderers.Svg);

How to Convert Shp to Svg in C#

  1. Create a map.
  2. Use the specified SRS.
  3. Use the specified style to draw lines.
  4. You can also set styles for points, lines, and surfaces.
  5. Open a layer and add to the map.
  6. Render the map to desire format.

C# library to convert Shp to Svg

There are a simple way to install Aspose.GIS for Uk onto your system:

System Requirements

Our APIs are supported on all major platforms and Operating Systems. Before executing the code below, please make sure that you have the following prerequisites on your system.

Convert Shp to Svg Live Demos

Convert Shp to Svg right now by visiting our Live Demos website. The live demo has the following benefits

Combine several layers on one map image.

Apply styles for points, lines, and surfaces.

Import styles from SLD format.

Draw labels and text. Apply styles for text and auto detect places on a map.

Draw clustered points.

Save a created map in SVG, PNG, BMP, or JPEG.

Manage the spatial reference system for your map.

Draw labels along curved lines.

Use advanced rendering: Combine Symbolizers, Geometry Generator, Mixed Geometry.