HTML Conversion Via Java

Convert HTML to PDF, XPS and Images including JPG,BMP, PNG, TIFF to build cross-platform Java applications.

How to Convert HTML Using Java Library

Whenever there is need of batch conversion of HTML files as well as web page from the live URL to other formats including PDF, XPS, Images and other formats, Java HTML Parser API is there to handle all such cases. API provides HTMLDocument to load the document, save options classes such as PdfSaveOptions , ImageSaveOptions etc for target file specific settings and a Converter class for rendering to output file.

HTML to PDF Conversion

For single or multiple HTML files to PDF conversion programmatically, process is, load the source HTML file using HtmlDocument class, for specific PDF settings such as page size, margins, file permissions, CSS media-type, etc use the PdfSaveOptions class and lastly call the ConvertHTML() method of Converter class having HTMLDocument, PdfSaveOptions, and output file path as parameters.

Java Code for HTML to PDF Conversion

// Initialize an HTML document from html file
HTMLDocument htmltoPdf = new HTMLDocument("sourceFile.html");
try {
    // Initialize PdfSaveOptions
    PdfSaveOptions pdfOpts = new PdfSaveOptions();

    // Convert HTML to PDF
} finally {
    if (htmltoPdf != null) {

Convert HTML to Images

Java html parser API built for reading, extracting and manipulating HTML data, can render HTML data to image formats easily. Create API ImageSaveOptions class object that provides methods for all specific settings like setCompression, setFormat, setHorizontalResolution, setSmoothingMode, setVerticalResolution etc. And finally use Converter.convertHTML method for conversion, having HTMLDocument object, image options and target image as parameters.

Java Code for Converting HTML to Image Formats

// Initialize an HTML document from a file
HTMLDocument htmltoImages = new HTMLDocument("document.html");
try {
    // Initialize ImageSaveOptions having image format and format can be Png, Jpeg, Bmp, Gif, Tiff
    ImageSaveOptions imgOptions = new ImageSaveOptions(ImageFormat.Png);

    // Convert HTML to PNG
    Converter.convertHTML(htmltoImages, imgOptions, "output.png");
} finally {
    if (htmltoImages != null) {

The Aspose.Html.Converters Package implements easy access to conversion methods. It provides a wide range of HTML conversions to popular formats, such as PDF, XPS, JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, GIF, MHTML, and MD. Please visit the documentation chapter Converting Between Formats to learn more about Aspose.HTML for Java API conversion features.

Other Supported Conversions

You can also convert HTML, XHTML, MHTML, EPUB, Markdown, and SVG files into many other file formats including few listed below: