Web Downloaders

Web Downloaders help you extract data such as images, websites and videos online or using C# library.

Extract Data from the Web Easily!

Web Downloaders are a set of tools for downloading images, websites and videos. You can download the files online or get the C# code for programmatic data extraction. Using Aspose.HTML for .NET class library, you can create your own application because our API provides a powerful toolset to parse and collect information from HTML documents. Some useful features of Aspose.HTML API are the navigation through an HTML document and detailed inspection of its elements, custom filters usage for iterating over the document elements and CSS Selector or XPath Query applying.
Powerful C# API helps you quickly and securely extract data from the Web. Check our Web Downloaders in real-time:

Web Scraping using C#

Web scraping, also known as data scraping or web data extraction, is used to extract data from the Web. In Aspose.HTML documentation, you can learn more about data extracting using .NET API. An essential part of every HTML parser is the data selectors that are used to find the data you want to extract from the HTML file - usually XPath selectors, CSS selectors, or both.

  • The Web Scraping section in Aspose.HTML documentation describes how to inspect, capture and extract data from the web pages automatically using the C# library.
  • In How to use CSS selectors article, you learn how to effectively use selectors to select the elements using the QuerySelector(selector) and QuerySelectorAll(selector) methods of the Document class.
  • The How to Use XPath article explains how to use the Evaluate() method to navigate an HTML document and select nodes using an XPath query.

Online Downloaders

Aspose.HTML offers free online Data Scrapers Apps that are a way to get data from websites in seconds. Our Apps are safe, work on any platform and do not require any software installation. You can extract data from websites on any device. Data Scrapers can be used for image extracting, getting keywords from a webpage, etc. They are easy and clear to use yet forceful and reliable.

  • Image Downloader is a free online application that allows you to download images from web pages.
  • Keywords Extractor is a free online application that allows you to extract keywords from web pages. Once extracted, the keywords are displayed in the output area and you can save them for SEO analysis.
  • Web Page Downloader is a free online application that allows you to save web pages from the Web to your device. It does this by extracting an HTML page with all resources including images, CSS files, JavaScript files, etc.

Note: Using the Data Scrapers apps require you to accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. We do not support downloading data and using other people’s files for commercial purposes without their express permission. We are not responsible for any copyright infringement that may occur when using these tools.

Get Started with .NET HTML API

You can use several ways to install the Aspose.HTML library for .NET on your system:

  1. Install a NuGet Package using the NuGet Package Manager GUI.
  2. Install a NuGet Package using the Package Manager Console. You may use the following command PM> Install-Package Aspose.Html.
  3. Install Aspose.HTML for .NET through MSI.

Aspose.HTML is an advanced web scraping and HTML parsing library. One can create, edit, navigate through nodes, extract data, merge and convert HTML, XHTML, MD, EPUB and MHTML files to PDF, DOCX, Images and other popular formats. Moreover, it also handles CSS, HTML Canvas, SVG, XPath and JavaScript out-of-the-box to extend manipulation tasks. It’s a standalone API and does not require any software installation. Use the Aspose.HTML C# library to convert, merge, edit HTML documents, extract data from the web, and more! For more details about C# library installation and system requirements, please refer to Aspose.HTML Documentation.