Download Web Site Online!

Web Site Downloader is an online tool that allows you to save web pages from the Internet to your device. It does this by extracting an HTML page with all resources, including images, CSS files, JavaScript files, etc. The Web Site Downloader uses Aspose.HTML for .NET API for downloading data on your local drive. Just copy and paste a URL of the site you want to download. Save web pages and open them for offline viewing!

Steps to Download Web Site in C#

  1. Use the HTMLDocument() constructor to initialaze an HTML document from a URL.
  2. Use the HTMLSaveOptions() constructor to create an options object.
  3. Set the ResourceHandlingOptions such as ResourceUrlRestriction and MaxHandlingDepth.
  4. Save the web site yo your local file system using the Save(path, options) method.
  5. Copy the C# code for web site downloading and use it in your project.


1. Why is this Web Site Downloader useful?

This extraction tool is great for people who want to download web site from the Web. No registration, plugin or software installation is required for you. Work from your favorite device! Also, this Web Site Downloader will be helpful for developers who want to learn more about data scraping and quickly and easily create C# code for your own application.

2. How can I download web site?

Using our online Web Site Downloader is a quick and easy way to download and save web site from the Internet to your device. Just copy the URL of the page, paste it into the text input field and click the button. No register accounts needed. Moreover, you can copy and use C# code to extract web site programmatically.

3. Can I download web site on Linux, Mac OS, Android or iOS?

You can apply a free Web Site Downloader on any operating system with a web browser. Use this extracting tool on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. You can download web site quickly and easily regardless of whether you use Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, or iOS.

Get Started with .NET HTML API

You can use several ways to install the Aspose.HTML library for .NET on your system:

  1. Install a NuGet Package using the NuGet Package Manager GUI.
  2. Install a NuGet Package using the Package Manager Console. You may use the following command PM> Install-Package Aspose.Html.
  3. Install Aspose.HTML for .NET through MSI.

Aspose.HTML is an advanced web scraping and HTML parsing library. One can create, edit, navigate through nodes, extract data, merge and convert HTML, XHTML, MD, EPUB and MHTML files to PDF, DOCX, Images and other popular formats. Moreover, it also handles CSS, HTML Canvas, SVG, XPath and JavaScript out-of-the-box to extend manipulation tasks. It’s a standalone API and does not require any software installation. Use the Aspose.HTML C# library to convert, merge, edit HTML documents, extract data from the web, and more! For more details about C# library installation and system requirements, please refer to Aspose.HTML Documentation.

Other Supported Web Downloaders

Use Web Downloaders to extract data from the Web! Clear, safe and simple!