How to Merge MD Files?

Aspose.HTML for .NET offers you tools to merge MD files online or programmatically via C#. Online Markdown Merger lets you merge multiple files into a single document in real-time right in your browser. If you want to use merging and conversion functionalities in your product or to merge MD documents programmatically, please download Aspose.HTML C# library, learn our documentation and consider the C# code examples. Powerful C# API allows you to merge MD files quickly and in high quality.

Online Markdown Merger

Test the quality of MD files merging right in your browser! Please load files from the local file system, select the required output format and run the example! It’s fast, easy, secure, and completely free! You will immediately get the result as a separate file. So, quickly merge MD files and save the result to PDF, XPS, DOCX, or TIFF format online!

Steps to Merge MD to PDF in C#

Aspose.HTML for .NET API provides the Renderer class for rendering and merging Markdown documents. Using the Renderer instances directly, you can send multiple files to the output rendering device at once. Aspose.HTML API provides the following implementation of renderers: HtmlRenderer, SvgRenderer, MhtmlRenderer and EpubRenderer, which are used to render HTML, SVG, MHTML and EPUB documents, respectively.
Note: Merging MD files goes through the stage of converting Markdown to HTML. Please see the example above if you would like to merge MD documents programmatically. You can merge MD files with a few lines of C# code:

  1. Convert Markdown to HTML files. Use the ConvertMarkdown(sourcePath) method to save Markdown as HTML documents.
  2. Create an instance of HTML Renderer. Use the HtmlRenderer() constructor.
  3. In this step, you can choose a rendering device. API provides the following implementations: PdfDevice, XpsDevice, DocDevice and ImageDevice, which are used to generate PDF, XPS, DOCX and Image file formats, respectively.
  4. If you want to merge HTML to PDF, create a PDF device. Use the PdfDevice() constructor to initialise a new instance of the PdfDevice class.
  5. Call the Render() method to merge all HTML documents into PDF.
  6. Copy C# code for MD files merging and use it in your project.


1. Why is this MD Merger useful?

MD Merger is a practical, powerful and fast tool to combine several MD files. You can quickly and easily merge MD documents into one and save the result in PDF, XPS, DOCX, and TIFF formats without any hassle!

2. How can I merge MD?

You can merge MD online or programmatically. To merge HTML online, please load files from your local file system or a URL, select the required output format from the list and run the example! You will immediately get the result. Moreover, you can copy C# code and use it on your own application for file merging.

3. Can I merge MD on Linux, Mac OS, iOS or Android?

You can use this free online MD Merger from a mobile device, tablet or computer. The interface of the Merger is very straightforward. Our tool is supported by all operating systems with a browser - Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, and iOS. There is no requirement to install any additional tool to support this tool running.

What is MD File Format?

Markdown is a lightweight markup language designed to indicate formatting in plain text. MD files use Markdown language that was proposed and developed by John Gruber. They include inline text characters that determine how text is formatted, such as indentation, table formatting, fonts, and headings. Its design allows it to be easily converted to many output formats, but initially, it was created to convert only to HTML. Markdown is often used as a format for documentation and readme files since it allows writing in an easy-to-read and easy-to-write style. In addition, MD files can be converted to HTML, PDF or images to take advantage of other formats for specific tasks.

How to Install Aspose.HTML for .NET library

You can use several ways to install the Aspose.HTML library for .NET on your system:

  1. Install a NuGet Package using the NuGet Package Manager GUI.
  2. Install a NuGet Package using the Package Manager Console. You may use the following command PM> Install-Package Aspose.Html.
  3. Install Aspose.HTML for .NET through MSI.

Aspose.HTML is an advanced HTML parsing library. One can create, edit, navigate through nodes, extract data, merge and convert HTML, XHTML, MD, EPUB, and MHTML files to PDF, DOCX, Images, and other popular formats. Moreover, it also handles CSS, HTML Canvas, SVG, XPath, and JavaScript out-of-the-box to extend manipulation tasks. It’s a standalone API and does not require any software installation. Use the Aspose.HTML C# library to convert, merge, edit HTML documents, extract data from the web, and more! For more details about C# library installation and system requirements, please refer to Aspose.HTML Documentation.