Image Files Conversion Via C#

Convert Image formats, Metafiles, WebP, Svg, Apng to build cross-platform .NET based advance image processing applications.


.NET Image API facilitates the advanced image processing and rendering features for programmers. Developers can integrate it to convert raster & vector images, including photos and pictures to PSD, PDF, GIF, PNG, DICOM, SVG, JPG, JPEG2000, APNG, BMP, TIFF, HTML5 CANVAS, WEBP, WMF, EMF and other image formats. API not only deals with conversion of files but also deals converting images to black n white and grayscale, convert GIF image layers and more.

Convert Image to Bitmap BMP, JPG, PNG

Using C# Image API, Inter format conversion is as easy as just changing the extension of the desired format. Here are few generic cases such as image to bmp, image to jpg, image to png and developers can easily enhance for their specific format. Process is load the source image via Image.Load . Create an object of target image format options for any specific settings. Finally call the Save Method by passing the target file with path and Saving options as parameter.

C# Code for Inter Conversion of Images

Raster Image to PDF Conversion

Process of converting raster images to PDF is same as of inter conversion of images, except that API provides PdfOptions for specific PDF settings. Programmers can easily enhance it for their specific needs.

Code for Raster Images to PDF Conversion

Convert SVG to Raster Images BMP, PNG, JPG

Conversion process of SVG is same, Load SVG file, Use relevant image saving options and calling the Save method. Image API provides SvgRasterizationOptions for setting PageWidth, PageHeight and raster images use their VectorRasterizationOptions property for initialization and getting SvgRasterizationOptions options.

C# Code for SVG to Raster Images

All supported image formats to convert from

Below is presented full list of the image formats, that you can convert to:

All supported image formats to convert to

Below is presented full list of the image formats, that you can convert from: