Aspose.Imaging  for .NET

Aspose.Imaging for .NET

Convert DICOM to WMF via C#

Transform DICOM into WMF using native .NET APIs without needing any image editor or 3rd-party libraries.

How to Convert DICOM to WMF Using C#

In order to convert DICOM to WMF, we’ll use Aspose.Imaging for .NET API which is a feature-rich, powerful and easy to use document manipulation and conversion API for C# platform. Open NuGet package manager, search for Aspose.Imaging and install. You may also use the following command from the Package Manager Console.

Package Manager Console Command

PM> Install-Package Aspose.Imaging

Steps to Convert DICOM to WMF via C#

Aspose.Imaging makes it easy for the developers to load & convert DICOM files to WMF in just a few lines of code.

  1. Load DICOM file with Image.Load method
  2. Create & set the instance of WmfOptions
  3. Call the Image.Save method
  4. Pass file path with WMF extension & object of WmfOptions class

System Requirements

Aspose.Imaging for .NET is supported on all major operating systems. Just make sure that you have the following prerequisites.

  • Microsoft Windows or a compatible OS with .NET Framework, .NET Core, Windows Application, ASP.NET Web Application.
  • Development environment like Microsoft Visual Studio.
  • Aspose.Imaging for .NET DLL referenced in your project.

Convert dicom to wmf - .NET


    Free App to Convert DICOM to WMF

    Check our live demos for DICOM to WMF conversion with following benefits.

      No need to download or setup anything.
      No need to write any code.
      Just upload your DICOM file and hit the "Convert" button.
      You will instantly get the download link for resultant WMF file.

    A cross-platform Imaging Library capable of processing the most common image formats along with DjVu, DICOM, WebP & DNG. The API can create, load, manipulate, convert & compress images as well as can transform images, perform filtering, dithering, masking and de-skewing. All with various memory optimization strategies.

    DICOM What is DICOM File Format

    DICOM is the acronym for Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine and pertains to the field of Medical Informatics. DICOM is the combination of file format definition and a network communications protocol. DICOM uses the .DCM extension. .DCM exist in two different formats i.e. format 1.x and format 2.x. DCM Format 1.x is further available in two versions normal and extended. DICOM is used for the integration of medical imaging devices like printers, servers, scanners etc from various vendors and also contains identification data of each patient for uniqueness. DICOM files can be shared between two parties if they are capable of receiving image data in DICOM format. The communication part of DICOM is application layer protocol and uses TCP/IP to communicate between entities. HTTP and HTTPS protocols are used for the web services of DICOM. Versions supported by web services are 1.0, 1.1, 2 or later.

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    wmf What is wmf File Format

    Files with WMF extension represent Microsoft Windows Metafile (WMF) for storing vector as well as bitmap-format images data. To be more accurate, WMF belongs to the vector file format category of Graphics file formats that is device independent. Windows Graphical Device Interface (GDI) uses the functions stored in a WMF file to display an image on the screen. A more enhanced version of WMF, known as Enhanced Meta Files (EMF), was published later that makes the format more feature rich. Practically, WMF are similar to SVG.

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    Other Supported Conversions

    You can also convert DICOM into many other file formats including few listed below.

    DICOM TO BMP (Bitmap Image)
    DICOM TO EMF (Enhanced Metafile Format)
    DICOM TO GIF (Graphical Interchange Format)
    DICOM TO PDF (Portable Document Format)
    DICOM TO PNG (Portable Network Graphics)
    DICOM TO PSD (Adobe Photoshop Native Format)
    DICOM TO SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics)
    DICOM TO TIFF (Tagged Image Format)