Image Files Conversion from DJVU(Graphics Format) Via .NET image API

Convert from Graphics Format to other formats using Aspose.Imaging API

All supported image formats to convert from DJVU(Graphics Format)

Aspose.Imaging allows automate a lot of conversions from DJVU to other formats on .NET platform. DjVu, pronounced as “déjà vu”, is a graphics file format intended for scanned documents and books especially those which contain the combination of text, drawings, images and photographs. It was developed by AT&T Labs. It uses multiple techniques like image layer separation of text and background images, progressive loading, arithmetic coding and lossy compression for bitonal images. Since DJVU file can contain compressed yet high-quality colour images, photographs, text, and drawings and can be saved in less space therefore, it's used on web as eBooks, manuals, newspapers, ancient documents, etc.

Full list of supported conversions from DJVU: