Image Files Conversion from ODG(Apache OpenOffice Draw Format) Via .NET image API

Convert from Apache OpenOffice Draw Format to other formats using Aspose.Imaging API

All supported image formats to convert from ODG(Apache OpenOffice Draw Format)

Aspose.Imaging allows automate a lot of conversions from ODG to other formats on .NET platform. The ODG file format is used by Apache OpenOffice's Draw application to store drawing elements as a vector image. It follows the XML based file format specifications outlined by Advancement of Structural Information Standards (OASIS). ODG represents drawings as vector images using points, lines and curves. Besides OpenOffice, LibreOffice and other applications also provide support for working with ODG file format. Other formats supported by OpenOffice, for example, include ODT, ODF, ODP and ODS.

Full list of supported conversions from ODG: