Convert Image Files to EMF(Enhanced Metafile Format) image format using .NET platform

Convert to Enhanced Metafile Format format from other formats using Aspose.Imaging for .NET library

All supported conversions to EMF(Enhanced Metafile Format) format using Aspose.Imaging for .NET library

Using Aspose.Imaging library you can programmatically convert various image formats to EMF image. Enhanced metafile format (EMF) stores graphical images device-independently. Metafiles of EMF comprises of variable-length records in chronological order that can render the stored image after parsing on any output device. These variable-length records can be definitions of enclosed objects, commands for drawing, and graphics properties critical to render the image accurately. When a device opens an EMF metafile using its own graphics environment, the proportions, dimensions, colors and other graphic properties of original image remains same regardless of the opening device platform.

Following conversions are supported :