Aspose.Imaging  for Python

Aspose.Imaging for Python via .NET library and API for Image Processing

Create, load, manipulate or convert images without requiring any image editor.

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Aspose.Imaging for Python via .NET is a library offering advanced image processing features. You could easily create, load, manipulate, convert or compress images using this API. Also Aspose.Imaging for Python via .NET supports drawing and work with graphic primitives. Image export and conversion - one of API core features along with image transformations (resize, crop, flip&rotate, binarization, grayscale, adjust), advanced image manipulation features (filtering, dithering, masking, deskewing).

Aspose.Imaging for Python via .NET is API that is capable of processing commonly used image formats and supports some special formats like DjVu, DICOM, WebP and DNG.

Advanced Image Processing API Features

Create, load and edit images



Image deskew

Support animated multi-frame images

Uniform image page (frame) processing

Draw images using Graphics (graphics path and different geometric shapes)

Remove background

Memory optimization strategies

Draw text while controlling the font aspects

Save SVG with fonts embedded or exported

Change background

Add watermark to image

View image


Support Resources   

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Aspose.Imaging offers individual Imaging APIs for other popular development environments as listed below: