Microsoft OneNote Conversion Via C#

Convert Microsoft OneNote to PDF and Images including BMP, JPG, PNG, TIFF to build cross-platform .NET applications.


OneNote is an Office application for creating, editing and saving notes. In addition, almost any content can be inserted into OneNote, including a table, a picture, a link, a printout of a file, a video clip, an audio recording, and so on.

There is no need of Microsoft OneNote installation within your system while working with OneNote files, if your system is .NET based,.NET applications can handle OneNote files easily after the .NET OneNote API integration. It acts as standalone and user-friendly, developers can easily integrate it for transforming .onetoc2 extension files to the desired format like PDF and BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG or TIFF image formats. The app supports editing. character conversion and recognition. Our tool allows you to convert OneNote to any image and other formats. This is handy, especially if you need to copy information from a business card from OneNote.

OneNote Conversion

API provides Document class for loading OneNote files. After loading the document, call the Save method with outout PDF file and SaveFormat .Pdf as parameters . One to PDF conversion process is fast, depends on file size but normally takes few seconds.

1. // load the ONE in an object of Document 

2. var onetopdf = new Document("");

3. // save ONE as PDF 

4. onetopdf.Save("output.pdf", SaveFormat.Pdf); 

Convert OneNote to Images JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF and more

Just like PDF conversion, process of converting Microsoft OneNote to image formats is almost same. That is loading the OneNote file and calling the Save method, providing the relevant image and SaveFormat.Imageformat as parameters. Other than desktop software applications, it is also easy to integrate within webbased applications for browser based onetoc2 to image conversion solutions.

1. // load the ONE in an object of Document 

2. var onetoImage = new Document("");

3. // save ONE as PNG. For other image formats Bmp, Jpeg, Gif etc. Use appropraite format with SaveFormat

4. onetoImage.Save("output.png", SaveFormat.Png);