OneNote File Viewer via .NET

View ONE file without any dependency over Microsoft OneNote application.


How to View OneNote File Using C#

When you find yourself needing to review your OneNote file, especially if it doesn't have a widely recognized format, simply and efficiently preview it by converting it into a popular and accessible format. Thanks to Aspose.Note, you can effortlessly view various OneNote files without the hassle of installing specific programs tailored to different file formats.
Aspose.Note empowers you to seamlessly apply the View feature to your OneNote files programmatically. This not only simplifies the viewing process but also ensures a versatile and user-friendly approach to accessing and managing your valuable notes.

Package Manager Console Command

PM> Install-Package Aspose.Note

Steps to View OneNote files via C#

Aspose.Note makes it easy for the developers to view the one file with just few lines of code.

  1. Load one file with Document class
  2. Call the Document.Save method
  3. Pass output file path & SaveFormat.Html as parameters

System Requirements

Aspose.Note for .NET is supported on all major operating systems. Just make sure that you have the following prerequisites.

  1. Microsoft Windows or a compatible OS with .NET Framework, .NET Core
  2. Development environment like Microsoft Visual Studio
  3. Aspose.Note for .NET referenced in your project

Aspose.Note API handles Microsoft OneNote file formats without Microsoft OneNote dependencies. OneNote can easily load, create, modify and convert Microsoft OneNote files. Moreover, One files can manipulate the elements of OneNote books, render text and images from OneNote file to different formats.

Free App to View ONE

Full list of supported View OneNote files operations by formats

Using C#, can also view many other file formats including.