Optical character recognition made easy

Fast, powerful and developer-friendly API for optical character recognition (OCR).

Extract machine-readable text from any file obtained through a scanner or camera and convert scanned PDFs to searchable and editable documents with a few lines of code.

Develop OCR-enabled solutions in a language you prefer, without getting bogged down in technical details. Build cross-platform applications for on-premises, web, and cloud environments.

Key features

Extract machine-readable text from virtually any file with unmatched accuracy. Read all popular writing scripts, including texts with mixed languages.

  • Read everything

    Convert scans, photos and screenshots to text; recognize scanned PDFs; read images from URLs.

  • Reliable results

    Achieve the highest recognition accuracy, even with out-of-focus, rotated, distorted and noisy images.

  • Batch processing

    Bulk-recognize all images from folders and archives, and read multi-page PDF documents and TIFF images.

  • Layout detection

    Read images of any layout, from multi-column documents to street photos, and extract key details from ID cards.

130+ recognition languages

Effortlessly handle multilingual documents. Aspose.OCR can recognize text in Latin, Cyrillic, Arabic, Farsi, Urdu, Chinese, and Hindi, even when languages are mixed within a single document.

Why Aspose.OCR?

  • 130+


    Aspose.OCR is a universal solution for content digitization on a global scale. With support for a vast array of European, Asian, African and American writing scripts, it is well-adapted for multilingual projects.

  • 9+

    years in development

    Our OCR model was developed and tested over many years. This translates to superior reliability, even in complex cases where other OCR libraries might struggle to achieve sufficient speed and accuracy.

  • 2.0M+


    Widely adopted and trusted by developers, our library has become the top pick for OCR-related projects. With powerful features and dependable support, it empowers you to build with confidence.

Free evaluation

You can use Aspose.OCR library right after the installation. A temporary license removes all limitations of the trial version for 30 days.

Start building a fully functional OCR solution and make the final decision to purchase Aspose.OCR later.

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Optical character recognition becomes a trivial and straightforward task with Aspose.OCR, even for developers new to the technology. See how easy it is!

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Recognition result

Works with all types of content

The accuracy of text recognition heavily relies on the quality of the original image. Aspose.OCR offers a comprehensive set of image processing filters, both fully automated and manual, to improve image quality before OCR processing.

Our powerful image processing and customizable content structure detection algorithms allow you to extract text from almost any image, from high-quality scans to blurry street photos. For optimal recognition results, you can apply multiple processing filters to the same image.

Scales to any task

Fine-tune the recognition process to your needs. Choose between high-accuracy thorough recognition or prioritize speed with fast recognition. Leverage the library’s automatic scaling based on your processor cores, or manually specify the number of threads for optimal performance. Free up valuable CPU resources by offloading calculations to the GPU.

Keep your application lean and modular by selectively adding advanced features from our online repository . For example, if you only need Arabic characters recognition, you may omit Chinese, Hindi and other OCR models, saving significant amounts of disk space.


Aspose.OCR cuts through all challenges, from personal to enterprise and government-level. Focus on your tasks - we’ll handle the technical implementation with maximum efficiency!


Validate and verify invoice data
Track and reimburse receipts
Comply with GDPR and other regulations
Digitize paper archives
Automate data entry from contracts
Process correspondence and forms


Create new documents from existing ones
Find important details in scans
Automate customer data entry
Analyze printed flyers and datasheets
Convert receipts and invoices to text
Extract key data from photos


Digitize personal correspondence
Extract text from street photo
Read screenshots
Copy text from scan or photo
Minimize storage space
Search for text in images

Ready to go?

Download the Aspose.OCR library for your preferred programming language and start building solutions today.

Advanced OCR engine

Most OCR libraries perform well with basic scanned documents. However, they might struggle with complex layouts, handwritten text, or low-quality images. If your project demands exceptional accuracy for critical data extraction, you should consider the alternatives.

Aspose.OCR is powered by a unique recognition engine, precisely engineered over years by our machine learning experts and trained on vast datasets. The library is further enhanced through continuous fine-tuning based on vast customer feedback. This powerful OCR engine empowers Aspose.OCR to not only match Tesseract’s feature set, but also excel in recognizing complex cases. Even in situations where Tesseract might struggle or fail, Aspose.OCR delivers exceptional accuracy.

By offering a wide range of support options, we ensure lower maintenance costs for you, especially in the long term.

Control every aspect of recognition

Aspose.OCR delivers excellent recognition accuracy and performance out of the box. However, in some cases the default settings may not provide the most reliable recognition results, offering potential for further optimization.

The true power of our library lies in its flexibility and granular control over every recognition step. Fine-tune settings and create custom image preprocessing workflows to achieve the perfect balance between speed and accuracy for your specific needs.

Aspose.OCR desktop utilities

Experience the full functionality of Aspose.OCR without writing a line of code and enrich your automation scripts with optical character recognition.

Aspose.OCR low code APIs

Extract text from images and convert scans to searchable PDFs on any device with our cloud-based OCR services.

Aspose.OCR no code apps

Instantly extract text from images, scanned PDFs, photos, screenshots, or receipts, and convert scans to searchable PDFs from your web browser.