Image to Text Conversion Via C++

Extract Text from Images BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG within C++ based applications.


Conversion is need for business applications for recognizing OCR for making the text editable, reading codes from vouchers and self-service stores etc. Converting different images BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG to Text of various languages is simple by integrating the C++ library. Programmers can easily use the code for extracting single line text, whole page text, text within a particular area and more for any OCR application having the best recognition results and can handle any text fonts, page layouts and styles.

Image to Text Conversion

To extract text from images via C++ OCR API, Process depends on scenario for using the relevant function to perform OCR on page, or image containing a single line. API provides page (const char * image_path, wchar_t * buffer, size_t buffer_size), pages_multi (const char *path_to_recognize, wchar_t *buffer, size_t buffer_size, RecognitionSettings settings), line (const char *image_path, wchar_t *buffer, size_t buffer_size) and more. Here is list of all OCR functions that developers can perform easily. Below are the code examples for performing ocr on a page and line.

C+ Code for Image Page to Text Conversion
C++ Code to Extract Text From Image Page Area
C++ Code for Image Single Line to Text