Image to Text Conversion Via Java

Convert Images to Text via Java OCR API to build cross-platform applications.


There are lot of cases when we have image data contating text such as scanned documents, invoices, receipts, bills and pictures and then there is need of text capturing software or app for recognizing and getting it. Java OCR API allows to extract text from images quite easily. Programmers can identify and extract text from pictures either it is single line or pages as well as in different languages by integrating the code.

Image to Text Conversion

Text recognition process with OCR API is simple. Create AsposeOcr class instance, Use the instance to invoke AsposeOcr.recognizePage method by passing the image GIF, PNG, JPG, BMP etc with full path. It will automatically detect text areas and return information as a string. Finally display the string or write into file for viewing or editing. For those images having single line of text, use RecognizeLine for text extraction.

Java Code for Image to Text Conversion
Java Code for Single Line Text Capturing from Image