Image to Text Conversion Via C#

Convert Images to Text within your OCR Solution or build cross-platform .NET based images to text extraction applications.


Extracting text from images of various formats including JPG, BMP, TIFF, PNG, and others as well as in different languages is easy by integrating .NET OCR API. Programmers can easily integrate the code within their OCR converter app for working with any text fonts, page layouts and styles. As of API automatic document layout detection and skew correction feature, conversion provides the best recognition results.

Image to Text Conversion

To convert images to text via any .NET based OCR software, process is simple. Create AsposeOcr class instance, then using the same instance to call its relevant RecognizeImage Method by providing the relevant image either BMP, GIF, JPG etc. RecognizeImage function will parse the image and returns the extracted text in form of string. Developers can easily store this string text into a string variable or can write to file or print via console, depending on their application nature. Programmers can also use RecognizeLine to perform the OCR on images having single line of text. Same code detects the text of any supported language.

C# Code for Image to Text Conversion
C# Code to Get Text From Image