Why Opt for Aspose.OCR for Node.js?

Aspose.OCR for Node.js allows you to extract text from scanned pages, photos, screenshots, and other images on any platform where Node.js is installed. Empower your on-premise products, web services, serverless applications, AWS Lambda, Azure Functions, and other code with optical character recognition functionality.

Our powerful and feature rich Optical Character Recognition (OCR) API supports 130+ languages based on Latin, Cyrillic and Asian scripts, including Chinese and Hindi, and can recognize files in the most popular formats.

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Efficient and Accurate OCR

Achieve high-speed and accurate OCR results with advanced Node.js technology.

Multilingual Support

Recognize text in more than 130 languages, including Latin, Cyrillic, Arabic, Persian, Indic, and Chinese scripts, ensuring versatility for your Node.js applications.

Versatile Image Support

Process images from scanners, cameras, and smartphones effortlessly with Node.js.

Precision in Chinese Character Recognition

Recognize over 6,000 Chinese characters with precision in your Node.js projects.

Layout detection

Identify and categorize content blocks in images to ensure the correct order of extracted text, regardless of layout.

Live code sample

Initiate text recognition from images with several lines of code of code. Experience the simplicity!

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Recognition result

Convert image to text

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fs.readFile("source.png", (err, imageData) => {
  // Save photo to the virtual storage
  const imageBytes = new Uint8Array(imageData);
  let internalFileName = "temp";
  let stream = Module.FS.open(internalFileName, "w+");
  Module.FS.write(stream, imageBytes, 0, imageBytes.length, 0);

  // Add photo to recognition batch
  let source = Module.WasmAsposeOCRInput();
  source.url = internalFileName;
  let batch = new Module.WasmAsposeOCRInputs();

  // Automatically adjust recognition settings to better process photographs
  let recognitionSettings = Module.WasmAsposeOCRRecognitionSettings();
  recognitionSettings.detect_areas_mode = Module.DetectAreasMode.PHOTO;
  recognitionSettings.auto_contrast= true;

  // Send photo for OCR
  var result = Module.AsposeOCRRecognize(batch, recognitionSettings);
  // Output extracted text to the console
  var text = Module.AsposeOCRSerializeResult(result, Module.ExportFormat.text);

Integration to Node.js Applications

Aspose.OCR for Node.js seamlessly integrates with any platform supporting C++ - whether on desktop Windows, Windows Server, macOS, Linux, or the cloud.

Microsoft Windows
Microsoft Azure
Amazon Web Services

Supported file formats

Aspose.OCR for Node.js via C++ can work with virtually any file you can get from a scanner or camera. Recognition results are returned in the most popular file and data exchange formats that can be saved, imported to a database, or analyzed in real time.


  • JPEG
  • PNG
  • TIFF
  • BMP

Batch OCR

  • ZIP

Recognition results

  • Text
  • JSON
  • XML

Experience performance and quality

Cutting-edge OCR technology ensures swift and accurate text recognition from images, empowering your applications with top-notch capabilities. Elevate your project’s efficiency and user experience with our high-performance OCR solution.

130+ Recognition Languages

Node.js OCR API recognizes lots of languages and popular writing scripts, including mixed languages:

Leave language detection to the library or define the language yourself for enhanced recognition performance and reliability.

  • Extended Latin alphabet: English, Spanish, French, Indonesian, Portuguese, German, Vietnamese, Turkish, Italian, Polish, and 80+ more;
  • Cyrillic alphabet: Russian, Ukrainian, Kazakh, Serbian, Belarusan, Bulgarian;
  • Arabic, Persian, Urdu;
  • Chinese and Devanagari script, including Hindi, Marathi, Bhojpuri, and others.

Suitable for any content

The accuracy and reliability of text recognition is highly dependent on the quality of the original image. Aspose.OCR for Node.js via C++ provides an extensive range of both fully automated and manual image processing filters that enhance an image before it is sent to the OCR engine.

Features and Capabilities

Aspose.OCR for Node.js via C++ Explore the advanced features of Aspose.OCR for Node.js.

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Photo OCR

Extract text from smartphone photos with scan-level accuracy.

Feature icon

Searchable PDF

Convert any scan into a fully searchable and indexable document.

Feature icon

URL recognition

Recognize an image from URL without downloading it locally.

Feature icon

Bulk recognition

Read all images from multi-page documents, folders and archives.

Feature icon

Any font and style

Identify and recognize text in all popular typefaces and styles.

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Fine-tune recognition

Adjust every OCR parameter for best recognition results.

Node.js OCR Code Samples

Discover code samples to easily integrate OCR into your Node.js applications.


Aspose.OCR for Node.js is delivered as an NPM package or as a self-contained downloadable file with no external dependencies. Easily install it into your project, and you’re ready to recognize texts in multiple supported languages and get recognition results in various formats.

Import OCR for Node.js module in your code.

const Module = require("aspose-ocr/lib/asposeocr");

Image to Text Recognition with Node.js

Node.js OCR allows to transform table images into editable text, streamlining data extraction. Ideal for various business cases, our powerful OCR solution enhances data accessibility, improving productivity in applications.

Setup Table image to text conversion - Node.js

// Load a scan or photo from user input
const fileData = new Uint8Array(e.target.result);
let filename = file.name;
let stream = Module.FS.open(filename, "w+");
Module.FS.write(stream, fileData, 0, fileData.length, 0);
var input = Module.WasmAsposeOCRInput();
input.url = filename;

// Analyze tabular structures
var settings = Module.WasmAsposeOCRRecognitionSettings();
settings.detect_areas_mode = Module.DetectAreasMode.TABLE;

// Limit the subset of characters to improve recognition accuracy and increase performance
settings.alphabet = "1234567890.,;";

// Extract text from a table
var inputs = new Module.WasmAsposeOCRInputs();
var result = Module.AsposeOCRRecognize(inputs, settings);
var editableText = Module.AsposeOCRSerializeResult(result, Module.ExportFormat.text);