Create OMR Template using Text Markup via Java

Generate custom OMR template using text markup for surveys, MCQ test sheets and quizzes within any Java based applications.


Aspose.OMR for Java is an optical mark recognition API for generating and recognizing MCQ answer sheets, quizzes, surveys and all type of balloting feedback forms. Developers can easily integrate API within their OMR software solutions or building applications from scratch such as grade or GPA calculator, grade percentage or generating answer sheets. API supports multiple image formats including JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF and BMP.

Steps to Create Template via Text Markup

  1. Create OmrEngine class object.
  2. Using the object, get the path to the txt markup file using generateTemplate and assign the result to GenerationResult class.
  3. Call the Save method with path to the folder where the results will be saved and the name of the generated template and image as parameter.

Creation Requirements

Use Aspose.OMR for Java directly from a Maven based project and include libraries in your pom.xml.

Alternatively, you can get a ZIP file from downloads.


Java code processes sample text markup to generate the OMR template


Create Answer Sheet Live Demos

Create Answer Sheet right now by visiting our Live Demos website.The live demo has the following benefits

  No need to download Aspose API.
  No need to write any code.
  Just upload your file, and apply relevant settings.
  You will get the download link.