PSB über C# in GIF konvertieren

.NET Photoshop-API für PSD- und PSB-Konvertierung in Rasterbilder einschließlich GIF

Qualitativ hochwertiges Rendern von PSB als GIF

  1. Laden Sie das PSB mit Bild. Laden Methode
  2. Erstellen Sie eine Instanz von GIF-Optionen Klasse
  3. Ruf Bild. Speichern Methode
  4. Übergeben Sie den Ausgabedateinamen und das Objekt von GifOptions

Erste Schritte mit.NET Photoshop API

Von der Befehlszeile aus installieren als nuget install Aspose.PSD oder über die Package Manager-Konsole von Visual Studio mit Install-Package Aspose.PSD

Alternativ können Sie den Offline-MSI-Installer oder die DLLs in einer ZIP-Datei von abrufen Downloads .

.NET C#-Code für die Konvertierung von PSB in GIF

PSB What is PSB File Format?

Adobe photoshop saves files in two formats. Files having 30,000 by 30,000 pixels in size are saved with PSD extension and files larger than PSD upto 300,000 by 300,000 pixels are saved with PSB extension known as “Photoshop Big”. More specifically, PSB files can be as large as 4 EB (over 4.2 billion GB) with images that have a height and width of up to 300,000 pixels. PSDs, on the other hand, can be at maximum upto 2 GB and image dimensions of 30,000 pixels.

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GIF What is GIF File Format?

A GIF or Graphical Interchange Format is a type of highly compressed image. Owned by Unisys, GIF uses the LZW compression algorithm that does not degrade the image quality. For each image GIF typically allow up to 8 bits per pixel and up to 256 colours are allowed across the image. In contrast to a JPEG image, which can display up to 16 million colours and fairly touches the limits of the human eye. Back when the internet emerged, GIFs remained the best choice because they required low bandwidth and compatible for the graphics that consume solid areas of colour. An animated GIF combines numerous images or frames into a single file and displays them in a sequence to generate an animated clip or a short video. The colour limitations are up to 256 for each frame and are likely to be the least suitable for reproducing other images and photographs with colour gradient.

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Other Conversion Options

PSB TO BMP (Bitmap Image File)
PSB TO JPEG (Joint Photographic Expert Group)
PSB TO JP2 (JPEG 2000 Core Image)
PSB TO PDF (Portable Document Format)
PSB TO PNG (Portable Network Graphic)
PSB TO PSD (Photoshop Document)
PSB TO TIFF (Tagged Image File Format)